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Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue1

San Francisco Trip

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NASP Conf Alaska

Senior Students Dinner 2006



2005 Performance Report

TTQ 2005 Web Site Winners-CONGRATS UB!

Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue1

Senior Trip Summer 2005!
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Summer Award Ceremony Photos
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Student Leadership Conference Photos
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2004 TTQ Winners! Congrats UW UB!

LA Senior Trip Pictures

NASP Spring Conference & TTQ PICS!

Office of Minority Affrs, EOP AWARDS
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Math Tutoring (click here)

Most recent Ph.D Candidate!

TTQ AWARD 2003 Pics

Congrats to Tier Payne for Nordstrom Scholarship

Congratulations to our UW Upward Bound Graudates 2000-2003! Click here to see names

UW UB Graduates
The department of Education requires that our students receive a Bachelors Degree within 6 years . We would like to thank those who helped us meet our program objectives, as this helps assure our program funding for future students. Congrats also to all of our Grads 00-03!

2000 Iris Camagong BA Bus Admin , Chris Chien Liao BA Bus Admin , Leslie Holigores BA Geography , Champagne Mac BS Applied&Comp Math , Linh Chan BA Bus Admin, Revelina Cabiao BS Software Sys , Zabih Admadi Cert. Nursing , Yakshi Plamer BS Zoology , Erihza Nabong BA Bus Admin, Kevin Clark BA Communications, Rodney Clark Honorary BA, Clarence Dancer BA AES, Raingsay Lim BA Sociology , Angelique Collins BA Art Admin , Dang Dahn BA Bus Admin.

2001 Frances Louie BS Aeronautical & Astronautical Engr , Christina Roberts BA English&BA Comparative History of Ideas , Vinjo Chow BA Soc Welfare , Loan Nguyen BA Bus Admin, Chen Lei BA Bus Admin, Van Chiem BS Dentistry

2002 Myra Fragada BS Mech Engr, Lam Dang BS Zoology , Michael Vong BA Econ , Chen Wen Lei BS Physics , Bryce Bui BS Fisheries , Shamama Siddique BA Hum , Southimala Keovernkhone BA American Ethnic Stud , Maricel Floresca BA Psychology & American Ethnic Stud , Siqi Lee BA Bus Admin CUM LAUDE , Emilyn Alejandro BS Biochemistry , My Le Shaw BA American Ehtnic Stud , BS Biochem, Xuong (Michael) Lieu BA Political Science, Venesa Giang BA AES

2003 Sang Khim BS Physics , Sung Lee BA Geography , Cheryl Bello BA Nursing , Cuong (Steven) Lieu BA Political Science , Zhe Ying Lui BA Bus Admin , Chanpreya Thou BA Psychology, Mony Sanh BA Social Welfare , Bruce Lam BS Electrical Engr ., Edgar Hernandez BA Soc Welfare, Masters of Social Work.

Random Grad Pics

Shafiqa Indiana U 99'

Christine, Chien UW 00', Christina, Maxine,
Erihiza Eastern 00'

Christina UW 01'

Southimala UW 02'

Edgar UW 03'






Nordstrom Scholarship Winner Tier Payne
(third from the left) Congrats!

Tier has hard a hard time with personal struggles this year and we wish her much support and good wishes from her UB family.






Math Tutoring BACK

This year we are offering Math tutoring for our students in all three schools. Will Pirrie is at Hale Tuesday all day, Franklin Wednesday all day and Cleveland Thursday all day. Don't pass up the opportunity to use Will for one on one math help!


Franklin Grad 04:
Si is now at University of Washington


UW Upward Bound
Box 355845
Schmitz Hall Rm. 580
Seattle, WA 98195
206-685-2457 Fax

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