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Leny Valerio-Buford
B.A. in Education; M.A.
With UB since 1992

Leny Valerio-Buford

Fina Marino
B.A. in Sociology
With UB since 2001

Fina Marino

Donna Bolima
Admin Staff, English & Tech Instructor
B.A. in English & Gender Studies; M.Ed.
With UB since 1988

Donna Bolima

Will Pirrie
Math Instructor
M.S. in Math & Statistics
With UB since 2002


Dave Wolczyk
Admin Staff, Science & Tech Instructor
B.A. in Biology, M.S
With UB since 1993

Dave Wolczyk

Sharon Primm-Dayot
English, Tech and UW Bridge Instructor
B.A. in English, History, and Education
With UB since 1991

Sharon Primm-Dayot

Maria Garcia
UW Trio and UWUpward Bound Program Coordinator
With UB since 2000

Sharon Primm-Dayot
Image: Stars
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