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Project History

The first survey of high school seniors was conducted in five Northwest public high schools in the Spring of 2000.  Seniors in those same five schools were surveyed again in the Spring of 2002.  For the 2003, three private schools and four more public schools were added to the sample yielding nearly 2,500 surveys from twelve high schools. The senior survey includes questions on aspirations and plans for college and work after high school, as well as questions on family background, perceptions of school and home environments, self-esteem, and participation in school-related and non-school-related activities. Finally, the seniors are interviewed a second time by phone or email about 6 to 12 months after graduation to find out how many of them are living up to their own hopes and expectations. The complete text of all surveys can be viewed by clicking here.

The UW-BHS project is currently conducting a ten year follow up survey of the Class of 2000, which explores the transition into young adulthood. For more information on the ten year follow up survey click here.


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