From Ally to Antiracist

From Ally to Antiracist: Cultivating and Committing to Action in the Face of Life’s Obstacles

This is a six-week, online course which is being provided as a fundraiser for the diversity, equity, and inclusiion efforts of Lincoln High School's PTSA committee.  

Wednesday Evenings: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15, Jan 5, Jan 12, Jan 19

Limiited to 100 participants

Suggested Donation = $250

To sign up and donate, text DEI to 41444

Qustions?  Contact Dr. Kanter at


This popular and innovative course teaches participants the most important, evidence-based strategies for addressing the obstacles that keep us from translating our antiracist values into sustainable, everyday action. We'd love for you to support Lincoln's PTSA-DEI committee with your donation and join our supportive, committed, and transformative community.


Many of us, stirred into action by the death of George Floyd and the resulting national protest and action movement in the Summer of 2020, felt in the moment of collective antiracist awakening an important lesson: This cannot be just a moment.  It must last.

Yet here we are now. For many of us the passion that stirred in June 2020 is now a receding memory, stripped of power. Some may have ordered antiracism books and even read some of them.  Others may have attended protests, donated to organizations, and obsessively followed the news about events happening elsewhere, but were overwhelmed by uncertainty about what to do in their own spheres of influence, such as how to address racism within their families, circles of friends, communities, and schools. Still others may have felt paralyzed by anxiety about stepping out of their comfort zones and making mistakes and retreated to the safety of inaction. Most of us feel we have not done enough, are not doing enough, to fight for Black lives and equity for all in our society.

Traditional training and education efforts often fall short with respect to producing behavior change and sustained action. They often do little to address the obstacles that we face on a daily basis that must be overcome to align our behavior with our stated values on an ongoing basis.

In this course, Dr. Kanter will share important and innovative lessons about what gets in the way of antiracist behavior change and what to do about these obstacles. Each week, Dr. Kanter will lead participants through innovative and evidence-based exercises to practice how to address personal and systemic obstacles that help get people translate antiracist values into everyday action. Each week, participants will have the opportunity to share with each other their successes and obstacles and support each other in our collective and individual growth. 

The goal of this course is to inspire personal antiracist action and growth and build a supportive and courageous community. 

Signing up for the course is an antiracist action: 100% of profits generated from participant fees will support the diversity, equity, inclusion, and Seattle Public Schools Equity fundraising efforts of the Lincoln High School PTSA.