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Springer, August 31, 2017Racism on College Campuses is Rooted in the Small Things People Say and Do
Center Director Jonathan Kanter and Center Affiliated Scientist Dan Rosen have written a series of linked articles on Psychology Today.  The main article, published August 10, 2016, is called What Well-Intentioned White People Can Do About Racism
The other linked articles can be found below:
August 13, 2016Accepting Difficult Emotions Around Racism.   
August 15, 2016Learning the New Language of Racism
August 16, 2016Exploring Our Own Biases and Stereotypes.
August 18, 2016Anti-racist Action and Becoming Part of the Solution
August 20, 2016Connecting: Forging real relationships with people of color
Center Director Jonathan Kanter was featured in two popular media news articles about police brutality against black men:
PBS Newshour, October 6, 2016http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/column-trauma-police-dont-post-videos/
The Christian Science Monitor, October 13, 2016http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2016/1013/Police-shootings-and-social-media-Why-some-black-people-believe-no-one-cares-video