Current Studies

Racism Work

With center-affiliated scientists we are conducting several studies to understand, intervene upon, and decrease racism and prejudice.  

Cultural Cognitions & Actions Scale (CCAS):

The CCAS is intended as a measure of white individuals’ tendencies to microaggress towards people of color.  We are currently in the process of data collection and validation of this instrument.  

Reducing Racial Disparities in Healthcare:

We are developing and testing interventions to doctor verbal and non-verbal communication patterns with patients to color to improve patient experiences, trust, and medical outcomes.

Reducing Racism and Increasing Connectedness and Belongingness on College Campuses:

We are evaluating interventions designed for college campuses to decrease racism and inter-racial anxiety in white students, improve cross-racial friendships, and improve the campus life experience and sense of belongingness of students of color.  We are currently testing this intervention in a controlled trial at the University of Washington.