The Environmental Fluid Mechanics group at the University of Washington studies the mechanics of fluid flow as it relates to transport and mixing in rivers, estuaries and the coastal ocean. Our work includes geophysical fluid dynamics, sediment transport, hydraulics and stratified flows. We are particularly interested in the dynamics of the river-ocean interface. We approach scientific and engineering fluid mechanics problems using a combination of field observations and laboratory experiments.

Current projects

Montage of staff at work in the lab and field

Alex Horner-Devine

  • Infrared imaging of instability at a plume front
  • Duwamish River estuary
  • Merrimack River plume (MA)
  • Wave-supported gravity currents
  • River plume dynamics
  • Sediment dispersal in river plumes
  • Coherent structures and the distribution of age

  • Jim Thomson

  • Ambient noise and tidal energy in Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, WA
  • Spectral energy dissipation of wave breaking in mixed seas
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  • Andy Jessup

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  • Previous projects

  • Coherent structures in estuaries
  • Fish Passage
  • Sediment transport on mixed sand and gravel beaches