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Contact Us:
Dept. of Political Science
101 Gowen Hall
Seattle, Wa 98195-3530

Phone: (206) 616-7412
Fax: (206) 685-2146
Email: uwiser@uw.edu

Affiliated Scholars

Prof. Gary Segura, Stanford
Founding Director of WISER (2005-2008)
Research interests: American Politics, Political Representation, Latino Politics
website: Gary Segura, Stanford Department of Political Science
E-mail: segura@stanford.edu

Prof. Karam Dana, Harvard Post-Doctoral Fellow
Research interests: Middle East, Muslim American Public Opinion Survey (MAPOS), political behavior of Muslims in the West, and the social and political history of Islam and Muslims in the US 
website: Karam Dana, The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, The John F. Kennedy School of Government
E-mail: karam_dana@hks.harvard.edu

Prof. Sylvia Manzano, Texas A&M
Research interests: state and local politics, political behavior, the politics of race and ethnicity, Latino political participation, representation and policy outcomes
website:Sylvia Manzano, Texas A & M Department of Political Science
Email: smanzano@politics.tamu.edu