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Contact Us:
Dept. of Political Science
101 Gowen Hall
Seattle, Wa 98195-3530

Phone: (206) 616-7412
Fax: (206) 685-2146
Email: uwiser@uw.edu

Graduate Fellows

Betsy L. Cooper, M.A.
Research interests: Politics of Sexuality, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Quantative Methodology, Public Law and American Political Development
E-mail: cooperel@ uw.edu
website: http://staff.washington.edu/cooperel/

Sergio I Garcia-Rios, M.A.
Research interests: Lationo/a politics, political participation, immigration assimilation and empowerment, border issues and border research, and the politics of Mexico
E-mail: sigarcia@ uw.edu
website: http://staff.washington.edu/sigarcia/

Benjamin Gonzalez, Ph.C.
Research interests: immigration, political psychology, American politics, and methodology
E-mail: bfg@ uw.edu

Kiku Huckle, M.A.
Research interests: religion and politics, immigration, latino politics, and methodology
E-mail: khuckle@ uw.edu

Annie Menzel, Ph.C.
Research interests: African American political thought, feminist theory, biopolitics, racial disparities in health and mortality, reproductive health and politics
E-mail: acmenzel@uw.edu

Kassra Oskooii, M.A.
Research interests: American Politics, Methodology, Race and Ethnic Politics, and the impact of perceived discrimination on Muslim American political behavior
E-mail: kassrao@ uw.edu

Allison D. Rank, Ph.C.
Research interests: Youth and Politics, American Political Development, Political Theory, Political Communication
E-mail: arank @ uw.edu

Rachel Sanders, M.A.
Research interests: Racial (bio)politics of food and health; Marxian, Nietzschean, and Foucauldian techniques of critique; popular and political culture; notions of the post-; critical discourse analysis; critical legal studies; critical fat studies; critical race theory; feminist theory
Published article: Law, Culture and the Humanities-Justice at Trial: Dramatic Ironies of the Postracial State
E-mail: sandersr @ uw.edu

Kirstine Taylor
Research interests:
E-mail: kst@uw.edu

Christopher Towler, M.A.
Research interests: political allegiance, alienation and issues of race in American politics, and political science methodology.
E-mail: ctowler@ uw.edu
website: https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/ctowler/8891/43248

Hannah Walker, M.A.
Research interests: American Politics, Race-Ethnicity Politics, the Politics of Mass Incarceration
E-mail: hlwalker @ uw.edu