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WISER and its affiliated faculty have a diverse set of research interests. The research projects listed below are those that are most closely affiliated with the WISER program, or its core faculty.


WA Poll

A public opinion poll of registered voters in Washington state

The Washington Poll is a non-partisan, academic survey research project sponsored by the University of Washington, Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality. The principal aim of the survey is to collect and analyze public opinion of registered voters in Washington state on an annual basis. The study will be fielded every year in late October and contain questions on ballot initiatives, candidates, important political and policy issues of the day, as well as viewpoints on social and economic indicators in the state.

The poll is a collaborative effort by academic researchers in the state of Washington, and is currently sponsored by the UW. Prof. Matt A. Barreto, Department of Political Science at UW, is the Director of the Washington Poll. Other collaborators on the poll include Christopher Parker, professor of political science at UW, John Gastil, professor of communications at UW, Cindy Watts, professor of health policy at UW, and Todd Donovan, professor of political science at Western Washington University.

The poll is conducted among registered voters, using a Washington state voter list and telephone interviewing is administered by the Washington State Survey Research Center, in the Political Science Department at UW.

Visit: http://www.washingtonpoll.org/


Latino National Survey

The LNS is a major "national" telephone survey of 8600 Latino residents of the United States, seeking a broad understanding of the qualitative nature of Latino political and social life in America. All Latinos, not just citizens or voters were sampled to be interviewed for approximately 40 minutes on a wide range of political questions, conducted in English and Spanish. A major part of the project is the Latino National Contextual Database (LNCD), which includes census, economic and demographic data, as well as political and educational data.

Visit: http://depts.washington.edu/uwiser/LNS.shtml


Latino Decisions

Latino Decisions provides political decision makers with independent data to facilitate critical decisions.

Our current research is focused on States in which the Latino vote will play an important role in the 2010 elections. Our research and in-depth analysis enables decision makers to understand the concerns of the Latino community in each State, and helps decision makers identify how to deliver their messages effectively.

While many other polls focus exclusively on national politics, at Latino Decisions we believe that key measurements must be made at the State level. The large sample size of our research, our focus on individual States, and our expertise regarding the Latino political landscape all set Latino Decisions apart from other available research.

In addition to providing the best data on Latinos within key states, Latino Decisions also conducts national polls of the Latino electorate. In June 2008, we completed a national poll of Latino voters which complements our state-by-state approach, providing contrast between the “national” Latino electorate and the unique Latino electorate within key states.

In 2010 our polls will focus on national issues being addressed by the Congress and President such as the economy, health care, and immigration reform, as well as state-specific polls examining U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial elections.

Visit: http:/.latinodecisions.com

2010 and 2011 Multi-State Survey of Race and Politics

Led by Prof. Christopher Parker, the 2010 and 2011 Multi-State Survey of Race & Politics examines what Americans think about the issues of race, public policy, national politics, and President Obama, covering his first three years in office.

Visit: WISER Race and Politics Survey 2010
Visit: WISER Race and Politics Survey 2011