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Research Publications

2013—Fabbi, N., D. Hellmann, and V.F. Gallucci. "Geopolitics, Arctic Council, and Arctic Resources," Fishing People of the North. Wakefield Symposium, Sea Grant.

2013—Bailes, Alyson and V.F. Gallucci. "Policy and Biological Analyses of Fisheries Collapses in Arctic and Subarctic Seas," Stanford University Journal of Law, Science, and Policy.

2013—Lynhammer, A.J., J. Christiansen, V.F. Gallucci, and 5 others. "Marine Fishes of Arctic Environments," Biodiversity, 14 (1): 57-66

2013—Christiansen, J., O. Karamushko, A. Lyhammer, C. Mecklenburg, P. Moller, V.F. Gallucci. "Species Richness and Disturbution of Condrichthyan Fishes in the Arctic Ocean and Adjacent Seas," Biodiversity, 14 (1): 57-66.

2013—Michel, C., V.F. Gallucci, and 13 others. "Biodiversity of Arctic Marine Ecosystems and Responses to Climate Change," Biodiversity 13 (3-4): 200-214.

2013—Gallucci, V.F., L. Hauser, and S. O'Brien. "Effects of specieis biology on the historical demography of sharks and their implications for the consequences of climate change in the North Pacific," Convercation Genetics. DOI 10.1007/s 10592-012-0437-8.

2013—Gallucci, VF.. Fisheries resources under climate change and Arctic governance: a risk perspective. The Trans Arctic Agenda: Challenges of Development Security Cooperation. Reykjvik, Iceland.

2013—Gallucci, V.F. and C. Michel. Climate induced changes in Arctic marine ecosystem diversity with consequences for indigenous communities. Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change. Anchorage, Alaska.

2013—Gallucci, VF.. How melting Arctic ice will challenge Russia, and all of us. Russian Studies Center, University of Washington.

2012—Fabbi, N., D. Hellmann, and V.F. Gallucci. Eds., C. Carothers, K. Criddle, C.P. Chambers, J. Fall, A. Himes-Cornell, J.P. Johnson, N. Kimball, C. Menzies, and E.S. Springer. "Geopolitics, Arctic Council and Arctic Ocean Reserouces," Fishing People of the North: Culture, Economics, and Management Responding to Change. Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

2012—Gallucci, V. Bio-Resources & Economics in the Russian Far East and NW Pacific Ocean. Integrating Russia into the Asia – Pacific. Moscow.

2011—Fabbi, N. and V.F. Gallucci. Reframing National Security in the Circumpolar Region. Wakefield Symposium on Fishing People of the North. Anchorage.

2011—Gallucci, V.F. Shark mortality has become a matter of taste: refocusing conservation efforts. International Marine Conservation Congress. Victoria, B.C.

2011—O’Brien, S., R. Foy, V.F. Gallucci. Pacific sleeper shark by-catch in Bering Sea fisheries: relationships between size, depth, and trophic ecology. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Seattle.

2011—Gallucci, V.F. and S. O’Brien. Inferences on ecosystem impacts of by-catch removals. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Seattle.

2011—Hariharan, A., V.F. Gallucci, C. Heberer, S. Stohs, K. Lynn, L. Laughlin, S. Kohin. An adaptive sampling design for estimation of thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus) catch/effort in a California recreational fishery. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Seattle.

2011—Gallucci, V.F., I. J. Taylor, G. King, and M.R. McFarlane. Spiny dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) Assessment and Catch Recommendations for 2010. Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Research document 2011/034.

2010—Miller, K., A. Charles, M. Barange, K. Brander, V. Gallucci, M. Gasalla, A. Khan, G. Munro, R. Murtugudde, R. Ommer, R. I. Perry. Climate change, uncertainty, and resilient fisheries: Institutional responses through integrative science. Progress in Oceanography 87:338-346.

2010—Herndon, A., VF.. Gallucci, D. DeMaster, W. Burke. A case for a new regime: An international elasmobranch conservation and management organization. Marine Policy. 34: 1239-1248.

2010—Okey, T.A., R. Williams, S.S. Wallace, V.F. Gallucci. "Shark Aggregation in Coastal Waters of British Columbia," Mar. Eco. Prog. Ser.: 414: 249-256.

2009—Taylor, I. and V.F. Gallucci. Unconfounding the effects of climate and density-dependence using 60 years of data on spiny dogfish data. Canad. J. Fish & Aquat. Sci. 66:351-366.

2009—Silva, A.A., M.N. Maunder, V.F. Gallucci, N.E. Kohler, J.J. Hoey. A spatially structured tagging model to estimate movement and fishing mortality rates for the blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the North Atlantic Ocean. Marine and Freshwater Research. 60: 1029–1043.

2008—Gallucci, VF.. Sharks in Perspective: Predators, Prey, and Art History.The Provost’s Lecture Series, Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y.

2008—Gallucci, V.F., R. Foy, S. O’Brien, H. Nesse, B. Langseth, N. Vega, I. Taylor, K. Goldman. 2008. Information from a pregnant salmon shark Lamna ditropisin the eastern North Pacific with observations on oophagous reproduction. J. Fish. Biol. 73: 732-739.

2007—Aires-da-Silva, A.M., J.J. Hoey, V.F. Gallucci. A historical index of abundance for the blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the western North Atlantic. Fish. Res.

2007—Andrews, K.S., P.S. Levin, S.L. Katz, D. Farrer, V.F. Gallucci, G. Bargmann. Acoustic monitoring of sixgill shark movements in Puget Sound: evidence for localized movement. Can. J. Zool. 85:1136-1142.

2007—Aires-da-Silva, A.M, V.F. Gallucci. Demographic and risk analyses applied to management and conservation of the blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the North Atlantic Ocean. Mar. Freshwat. Res. 58:570-580.

2006—Gallucci, V.F., I.G. Taylor, K. Erzini. Conservation and management of exploited shark populations based on reproductive value. Canadian Journal of Fishery & Aquatic Sciences 63:931-942.

2005—Hulbert, L., A. A. Silva, V.F. Gallucci, J. Rice. Seasonal foraging movements and migratory patterns of female salmon sharks, Lamna ditropis, tagged in Alaska.  J. of Fish Biology:  66:1-20.

2002—Gallucci, V.F., I. Taylor, K. Erzini. Reproductive value for conservation and probability of extinction for three shark species’ life histories. In manuscript for submission.

2002—Quinn, T.P., J.A. Peterson, V.F. Gallucci, W.K. Hershberger, and E.L. Brannon. Artificial Selection and Environmental Change: Countervailing Factors Affecting the Timing of Spawning by Coho and Chinook Salmon. American Fisheries Society. 131:591-598.

2001—Campos, J.M., M.V. Mug, V.F. Gallucci.. Organizational structure and function for integrated coastal zone management in the tropical Gulf of Nicoya. Proceedings of The First International Symposium on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Fishery Science: 220-228.

2001—Gallucci, V.F. Education in geographic information systems. Research and Education in Geographical Information Systems. Proceedings of The First International Symposium on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Fishery Science: 379-386.

2000—Hedgepeth, J., V.F. Gallucci, J. Campos and M. Mug. Hydroacoustic Estimation of Fish Biomass in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica. Revista De Biología Tropical. 48 (2/3): 371-387.

2000—Jameson, S.C., V.F. Gallucci, Jose A. Robleto. Nicaragua: Pacific Coast. Chapt. 33, in Seas at the Millennium: An Environmental Evaluation. Vol I. Europe, The Americas and West Africa. Ed: C.R.C. Sheppard. Pergamon Press.

1999—Hedgepeth, J., V.F. Gallucci, F. O’ Sullivan, R. Thorne. An expectation- maximization and smoothing approach for indirect estimation of size and density. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 56: 36-50.

1998—Springborn, R., Lampsakis, N. and V.F. Gallucci. A time density model to estimate run size and entry timing in a salmon fishery. North Amer. J. of Fisheries Management. 18: 391-405.

1994—Mug, M., V. F. Gallucci, H.L. Lai. Age determination of corvina reina (Cynoscion albus Gunther) in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica, based on examination and analysis of hyaline zones, morphology and microstructure of otoliths. Journal of Fish Biology. 45: 177-191.

1994—Ragonese, S., M. Bianchini and V.F. Gallucci. Growth and mortality of the red shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea Risso) in the Scilian Channel (Mediterranean Sea). Crustaceana 67 (3): 348 - 367.

1993—Lai, H.L.,M. Mug, and V.F. Gallucci. Management strategies in the tropical corvina reina (Cynoscion albus) in a multimesh size gillnet artisanal fishery. International Symposium on Management Strategies for Exploited Fish Populations. Alaska Sea Grant College Program: pp 21-37.

1990—Sullivan, P.J., H.L. Lai, and V. F. Gallucci. A catch -at- length analysis that incorporates a stochastic model of growth. Canad. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci. 47:184-198.

1988—Orensanz, J.M. and V.F. Gallucci. A comparative study of postlarval life-history schedules in four sympatric Cancer species (Decapoda). J. Crustacean Biology 8 (2):187-220.

1988—Lai, H.L. and V. F. Gallucci. Effect of variability on estimates of cohort parameters using length-cohort analysis: with a guide to its use and misuse. J. du Conseil 45 (1):82-92.

1982—Gallucci, V.F. and B.J. Gallucci. Reproduction and ecology of the hermaphroditic cockle Clinocardium nuttallii (Bivalvia: Cardiidae) in Garrison Bay. Mar.Ecol.Prog. Ser. 7: 137-145.

1980—Quinn, T. J. II and V. F. Gallucci. Parametric models for line transect estimators of abundance. Ecology.

1980—Geiszler, D., V. F. Gallucci and R. Gara.19. Modeling the dynamics of Mountain Pine Beetle aggregation and switching in a lodgepole pine stand. Oecologia.

1980—Gieszler, D. R., R. I. Gara, C. H. Driver, V. F. Gallucci, and R. E. Martin. Fire, fungi, and beetle influences on a lodgepole pine ecosytem. Oecologia.

1979—Gallucci, V. F. and T. Quinn, II. Reparameterizing, fitting and testing a simple growth model. Trans Am. Fish. Soc.108(1):14-25.

1979—Kriksunov, E. and V. F. Galluci. On the efficiency of some "simple" models of exploited fish populations as a method for studying the stock-fishing interaction. Questions in Ichthyology 19 (6) : 1043-1052 (in Russian).

1979—Gallucci, V.F. On assessing population characteristics of migratory animals. Pp. 533-544. In Contemporary Quantitative Ecology and Related Econometrics. G. P. Patil and M. L. Rosenzweig (eds.). International Cooperative Publishing House, Washington, D. C.

1979—Regier, H., J. Paloheimo, and V. F. Gallucci. Some factors that influence abundance of large piscivorous fish. In Predator-Prey Systems in Fisheries Management, H. Clepper (ed.). Sport Fishing Institute, Washington, D. C.

1979—Hertzberg, R., and V. F. Gallucci. The multinomial distribution and first-order chemical reactions. J. Appl. Probability (accepted).

1978—Clendenen, G., V. F. Gallucci and R. Gara. On the spectral analysis of cyclical tussock moth epidemics and corresponding climatic indices with a critical discussion on the underlying hypotheses. In C. Shugard (ed.), Time Series and Ecological Processes, pp. 279-293. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

1976—Gallucci, V. F., and J. Hylleberg. A quantification of some aspects of growth in the deposit-feeding bivalve Macoma nasuta. Veliga 19 (1):59-67.

1976—Gallucci, V. F., and H. r. van der Vaart. Conditions under which a number of sinusoids may be instantaneously in-phase. Phys. Med. Biol. 21 (1):117-127.

1976—Scherba, S., and V. F. Gallucci. The application of systematic sampling to a study of infaunal variation in a soft substrate intertidal environment. Fishery Bulletin 74 (4):937-948.

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1973—Gallucci, V.F. On the application of the principles of thermodynamics to ecology. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, Vol. 4:329-357.

Cell Biology

1971—Gallucci, V. F. and I. H. Shames. An electrostatic computer model of a biological membrane. Comput. Biol. Med. 1:263-277.

1969—Friedenberg, R., A. Blatt, and V. F. Gallucci. Electrostatic field calculations of charge and dipole models of membrane systems. Acta. Biotheor. 19:1-15.

1967—Gallucci, V.F. The electrostatics of biological cell membranes. Chapter 7 in: Friedeberg, R. Field Analysis of a Simulated Biological Membrane North Holland Company, Amsterdam.

1966—Friedenbrg, R., A. Blatt, V. F. Gallucci, J. F. Danielli, and I. Shames. Electrostatics of membrane systems–I. A non-statistical approach to cellular membrane systems. J. Theorot. Biol. 11:456-477.

1966—Friedenberg, R., A. Blatt, and V. F. Gallucci. Electrostatics of membrane systems–II. Fixed charge and dipole planar surfaces of finite dimensions. J. Theoret. Biol. 11:478-484.

1966—Friedenberg, R., A. Blatt, and V. F. Gallucci. Electrostatics of membrane systems–III. The potential energy functions of idealized models of fixed charge and dipole distributions as related to surface chemical phenomena. J. Theoret. Biol. 11:485:489.

Books, Book Chapters and Book Reviews

Book: Biology and Management of Dogfish Sharks. 2009. Eds: Bargmann, G., G. McFarlane, V.F. Gallucci. American Fisheries Society.

Book: Stock Assessment: Quantitative Methods and Applications for Small Scale Fisheries. 1997. Ed.: V.F. Gallucci, S.B. Saila, D. Gustafson, B.Rothschild. CRC Press.

Co-authored five of nine chapters:

Saila, S. B. and V.F. Gallucci. A Historical Perspective on the Assessment of Artisanal Tropical fisheries.

Gallucci, V. F., B. Amjoun. H.L. Lai, J. Hedgepeth. Size-Based Methods of Stock Assessment for Application to Tropical Artisanal Fisheries.

Conquest, L., R. Burr, R. Donnelly, J. B. Chavarria, V. F. Gallucci. Statistical Sampling Problems in Artisanal Fisheries.

Hedgepeth, J. ,V. F. Gallucci, R. E. Thorne, J. Campos. Application of Some Acoustic Methods for the Assessment of Tropical Artisanal Fisheries.

Lai, H.L. V. F. Gallucci, D. Gunderson. Age Determination in Biology: Methods and Applications to Stock Assessment.

Book: Quantitative Population Dynamics. International Cooperative Publishing House, Washington, D.C. 1981. Ed: D.G. Chapman and V.F. Gallucci.

Chapter: Dynamics of Fished Stocks. Chapter 5 in: Fisheries Management, R. Lackey (ed.). Blackwell. A. Tyler, V.F. Gallucci. 1985.

Book Review: Fisheries Mathematics, Academic Press, for Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 108(2). Ed.: Steele, J.

Book Review: Concepts in bioenergetics. The Quarterly Review of Biology 50 (2):233-234. Peusner, L.

Recent Symposia

Wakefield Fisheries Symposium. Anchorage, 2003. Assessment and Management of New and Developed Fisheries in Data-Limited Situations. Organizing Committee and co-author of four papers in the proceedings:

AAAS Annual Meeting 2002. Boston, 2002. Not Enough Sea Lions, Too Many Sharks: Global Warming Signal? A 90 minute symposium.

Puget Sound Research Conference 2001. February, 2001

First International Symposium on Coastal and Pelagic Sharks. February, 2000.

International Symposium on Geographic Information Systems in Fisheries. January, 1999.