Graduate Students & Their Research

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Current Students and Tentative Titles

SAFS Ph.D.—Alexandre de Silva. Spatial and temporal analysis of Atlantic blue shark population dynamics based on tagged recovery and fisheries capture.

QERM Ph.D.—Ian Taylor. Mathematical modeling and stock assessment of dogfish sharks - demographic models.

SAFS M.Sc.—Cindy Tribuzio. Laboratory analysis of reproductive and life history traits of salmon sharks.

SAFS M.Sc.—Muktha Menon. Analysis of sleeper shark in the North Pacific: spatial and temporal analysis.

SMA M.Sc.—Jason Gasper. Creel census of sport fishing in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. 

Completed Graduate Students

All of these students were supervised directly by VFG. Reverse Chronological Order.

2001 SMA M.Sc.—Rustin Director. The spiny dogfish fishery of Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest Coast: Management options and recommendations.

2001 SAFS Ph.D.—Jesus Jurado Molina. A multispecies approach to stock assessment in the Bering Sea.

1999 SAFS Ph.D.—Marco Bianchini. The deep-water red shrimp, Aristaeomorpha foliacea, of the Sicilian Channel: Biology and exploitation.

1999 QERM M.Sc.—Michael Rosing. Gear selectivity: The use of sub-sampling and modeling reference trawl selectivity.

1997 SMA M.Sc.—Gretchen Harrington. A co-management assessment for the Miskito small scale fisheries in the Miskito Cays protected area, Nicaragua.

1997 SMA M.Sc.—Teri Marsh. Identification and selected analyses of risk factors to the long term sustainability of the spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) fishery in the Nicaraguan Atlantic.

1997 SAFS Ph.D.—Benyounes Amjoun. Estimation of gear selectivity, growth and mortality parameters, and alternative harvesting strategies: A multiple gillnet fishery for corvina reina (Cynoscion albus) population.

1994 SAFS Ph.D.—John Hedgepeth. Stock assessment with hydroacoustic estimates of abundance via tuning and smoothed EM estimation.

1993 SAFS M.Sc.—Moises Mug Villanueva. Age determination of Corvina reina (Cynoscion albus) in the Gulf of Nicoya, Based on otolith surface readings and microincrement analysis.

1993 SAFS Ph.D.—Michael Sigler. Stock assessment and management of sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria in the Gulf of Alaska.

1989 SAFS Ph.D.—Jose M. Orensanz. Studies on growth and population dynamics of a stable native littleneck clam (Protothaca staminea) population (Garrison Bay, North Puget sound), and its cancrid crab predators (Cancer spp).

1980 BMTH Ph. D.—Terrance Quinn II. Sampling for the abundance of schooling populations with line-transect, mark-recapture and catch-effort methods.

1980 BMTH M.Sc.—Christopher Rawson. Scales of the spatial patterns of the clams Protothaca staninea (veneridae) and Macoma nasuta (Tellinidae) in Garrison Bay.

1980 SAFS M.Sc.—Anne Tibbetts Lange. The biology and population dynamics of the squids, Loligo pealei, (LeSueur) and Illex illecebrosus (LeSueur), from the Northwest Atlantic.

1979 BMTH M.Sc.—Martin Dumain. The analysis of several continuous time-dependent pharmacokinetic models under single and multiple dose conditions.

1979 SAFS M.Sc.—Michel Griben. A study of the intermixture of subadult male fur seals Callorhinus ursinus (Linnaeus 1758) between the Pribilof Islands of St. George and St. Paul, Alaska.

1979 CFR M.Sc.—Daniel Geiszler. The dynamics of mountain pine beetle aggregation in a lodge pole pine stand.

1977 SAFS M.Sc.—Terrance Quinn. The effects of aggregation on line transect estimators of population abundance with application to marine mammal populations.

1977 BMTH Ph.D.—Richard Hertzberg. A multinomial-Markov model with approzimate analysis for competitive enzyme inhibition.

1976 CFR M.Sc.—Gary Clendenen. Tussock Moth, Orgyia pseudotsugata McD., Outbreaks and climatic factors: A correlation analysis.

1975 BMTH M. Sc.—Steven Scherba. An investigation of systematic sampling in intertidal field studies: Application and theory.

1974 BMTH Ph.D.—Neil Dubin. The analysis of a non-linear birth and death process arising from a model for immunological feedback in carcinogenesis.

Postdoctoral Students & Visiting Faculty

Current Students




Research Project

Alexandre Silva


Atlantic Coast Blue Shark: Conservation

Cindy Tribuzio


Salmon Shark Population Dynamics

Ian Taylor


Dogfish / Elasmobranch Stock Assessment

Jason Gasper


Creel Census in Glacier Bay National Park

Muktha Menon


Sleeper Shark / Dogfish By Catch in Alaska

Rustin Director


Dogfish Shark Harvest Policy