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Recognizing WAFLT’s Partner in Custom Testing

For many years, WAFLT has offered Custom Testing for languages that are not currently supported by the major language proficiency testing companies in the United States. WAFLT developed Custom Tests for Writing and Speaking in collaboration with the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) at the University of Oregon and Avant Assessment. Throughout those years, we partnered with Monique Roske of M2 Language Consultants, LLC, to coordinate the evaluation of those Custom Tests.

Monique used her wealth of experience in managing a translation agency that served a number of government clients to find linguists for the “super” Less Commonly Taught/Tested Languages to support our WAFLT Custom Testing. She personally oversaw locating linguists, training them to use the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for evaluating student samples, coordinating all of the test results with WAFLT, and paying the linguists as independent contractors.

At the WAFLT 2020 Fall Virtual Conference, WAFLT was pleased to recognize Monique Roske with the Pro Lingua Award for her many years of invaluable collaboration. Thank you, Monique!