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What languages do you want to test?
How do you know which test is right?

You’re ready to embark on a testing program, but how do you know which test to use for which language? Check this Competency Testing page from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). It provides an Excel list of languages and assessments available for each language.

(OSPI) Assessment Options

For most languages that you are likely to test, your district (or school) will be able to order the tests directly by setting up an account with the national testing companies. These major companies include Language Testing International (LTI), Avant Assessment, ALTA Language Testing, and several organizations that test American Sign Language (ASL).

However, there are languages known as “less commonly taught (or tested) languages” that do not, at this time, have tests available through these major testing companies. For these languages, OSPI in partnership with WAFLT has offered Custom Tests for a number of years, coordinated by WAFLT Testing volunteers.

Custom Tests

WAFLT Testing is delighted to announce that OSPI will now be coordinating Custom Tests with Avant Assessment and Extempore for public school districts in Washington state. If you know your district will be needing these tests, please fill out the Custom Test Request Form for writing and speaking proficiency assessment. Current languages available for evaluation are listed on the form. If the language is not listed, please select ''Other'' and email Lisa.Werner@avantassessent.com. As it can take some time to find and train language raters, districts are encouraged to request early.

For more information, please contact Dr. Veronica Trapani, Associate Director for Content, World Languages at OSPI.

veronica.trapani@k12.wa.us | Cell phone: 360 819-0950