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Washington State Parcel Database: Normalized Attributes

List of attributes for the Washington State Parcel Database version currently in development (2019)

The table below lists the attributes for the version of the Washington State Parcel Database currently under development. Included attributes for previous versions of the database can be found on the metadata page.

Normalized Name Description Field Name Table(s)
FIPSCD Federal FIPS code FIPSCD DataProvider
GNISFeatureID Geographic Names Feature ID GNISID DataProvider
DataProvider.Name Data provider name NAME DataProvider
Abbreviation Data provider abbreviated name SHORTNAME DataProvider
OBJECTID ArcGIS geodatabase object identifier OBJECTID DataProvider, FeatureMetadata, Improvement, Name, NormalizedName, Parcel, StateLandUse, TaxRoll
DataProviderID Unique code for data producer, created during transformation ORG_ID DataProvider, FeatureMetadata, Parcel
DataProviderType Data provider entity type (i.e. county, state, federal) ORG_TYPE DataProvider, Parcel
MetadataURL URL linking to project website metadata MetadataURL FeatureMetadata
IntegratedDate Date data was integrated into normalized dataset INTEGRATED FeatureMetadata, Parcel
Condition an assessment of each improvement's current condition Condition Improvement
Description a description of what the improvement is, supplied by each data provider Description Improvement
FoundationType the type of each improvement's foundation FoundationType Improvement
ImprovementID Unique code for each improvement made by concatenating DataProviderID and a unique number, created during transformation ImprovementID Improvement
NumberBathrooms the total number of bathrooms in each improvement NumberBathrooms Improvement
NumberBedrooms the number of bedrooms in each improvement NumberBedrooms Improvement
NumberStories the number of stories in each improvement NumberStories Improvement
ParentImprovementID the ImprovementID of a parent improvement (if any). For example a condo building for a condo unit. ParentImprovementID Improvement
Quality an assessment of each improvement's quality Quality Improvement
RoofMaterial the material of each improvement's roof RoofMaterial Improvement
SidingMaterial the material of each improvement's siding SidingMaterial Improvement
SourceImprovementID Unique ID for each improvement as supplied by each data provider. Often a building number for each building on a parcel. SourceImprovementID Improvement
SourceType the improvement's type, as determined by the data provider SourceType Improvement
SquareFeetBasement the total area in square feet of each improvement's basement (including finished and unfinished areas) SquareFeetBasement Improvement
SquareFeetFootprint the area in square feet of each improvement's footprint. SquareFeetFootprint Improvement
SquareFeetGarage the total area in square feet of each improvement's garage(s), not including carports or parking pads SquareFeetGarage Improvement
SquareFeetTotal the total area in square feet for each improvement. the sum of the areas of all floors. SquareFeetTotal Improvement
Type the improvement's type, as determined by WAGIS staff Type Improvement
YearBuilt the year the improvement was built YearBuilt Improvement
YearRenovated the year the improvement was renovated YearRenovated Improvement
Process[table]Flattened Count of stacked polygons, matching tax records, matching name records, or matching improvement records represented by each feature/record. Stacked polygons have identical geometry but non-matching attributes. Matching tax, name, or improvement records have matching attributes. Created during normalization. FLATTENED Improvement, Name, Parcel, TaxRoll
PolyID Unique code for each parcel polygon made by concatenating Org_ID and either Parcel_ID or a unique number, created during transformation POLY_ID Improvement, Parcel, TaxRoll
TaxRollID Unique code for each tax record made by concatenating Org_ID and a unique number, created during transformation TaxRollID Improvement, TaxRoll, TaxRollsHaveNames, Sale
AddressLine1 Mailing address line 1 for owner or taxpayer - primarily secondary owner name, but not always ADD_1 Name
AddressLine2 Mailing address line 2 for owner or taxpayer ADD_2 Name
AddressLine3 Mailing address line 3 for owner or taxpayer ADD_3 Name
AddressCity Mailing address city for owner or taxpayer ADD_CITY Name
AddressCountry Mailing address country for owner or taxpayer ADD_CNTRY Name
AddressState Mailing address state for owner or taxpayer ADD_STATE Name
AddressZip Mailing address zip code for owner or taxpayer; either 5- or 9-digit, with or without hyphen ADD_ZIP Name
Name.Name Name of owner or taxpayer - not in common format NAME Name
NameCD Unique ID (number, text and number, text) for owner or taxpayer NAME_CODE Name
NormalizedNameID Normalized name unique identifier NORMALID Name, NormalizedName
NameID Unique code for each name record made by concatenting Org_ID and Name_Code or a unique number, created during transformation NAME_ID Name, TaxRollsHaveNames
NormalizedName.Name Normalized name NAME NormalizedName
AcquisitionDate Date data was acquired from data producer ACQUIRED Parcel
Process[table]Aggregated Count of source parcel features aggregated into each multipart polygon. Parcels were aggregated if they shared the same SourceParcelID. Created during normalization. AGGREGATED Parcel
Process[table]DuplicatesRemoved Count of duplicate records represented by feature. Duplicate parcels have identical geometry and attributes. Created during transformation DUPLICATE Parcel
GISAcres Acres of the parcel polygons as calculated by the GIS GISACRES Parcel
ParcelPseudoFlag Flag identifying if the parcel geometry constructed "pseudo parcel" PSEUDOFLAG Parcel
Shape ArcGIS feature geometry SHAPE Parcel
USNationalGridID US National Grid identifier at the 1 meter level USNGID Parcel
DeedType Type of document which conveyed an interest in or legal title to the property DeedType Sale
Grantee Individual(s) or company purchasing ownership or interest in the property described on the deed Grantee Sale
Grantor Individual(s) or company conveying ownership or interest in the property described on the deed Grantor Sale
ParcelCount Number of parcels associated with a sale ParcelCount Sale
RecordingNumber Recording number issued by the Auditor's Office when a property transaction is recorded RecordingNumber Sale
SaleDate Date the legal document (deed) was executed. SaleDate Sale
SaleID Unique code for each sale made by concatenating DataProviderID and a unique number, created during transformation SaleID Sale
SalePrice Dollar amount of the sale SalePrice Sale
StateLandUse.Name Land use name LANDUSE StateLandUse
Category Land use category LANDUSECAT StateLandUse
StateLandUseCode Department of Revenue Land Use Code LANDUSECD StateLandUse, TaxRoll
ImprovedAcres Improved acres of parcel ACRE_IMP TaxRoll
TabularAcres Tabular-based acres, deeded acres, total acres ACRE_TAB TaxRoll
UnimprovedAcres Unimproved acres of parcel ACRE_UNIMP TaxRoll
SourceLandUseDescription Description of land use, provided with original parcel data LANDUSEDES TaxRoll
LegalDescription Legal description, often concatenated fields from original parcel data LEGAL_DESC TaxRoll
MarketValueCrop Market value of crop land MKTCROP TaxRoll
MarketValueImprovedLand Market value of improved portion of land MKTIMPLAND TaxRoll
MarketValueImprovements Market value of buildings, structures, improvements MKTIMPRVTS TaxRoll
MarketValueLand Market value of land MKTLAND TaxRoll
MarketValueTimberLand Market value of timber land MKTTMBRLAND TaxRoll
MarketValueTotal Total (fair) market value of parcel (sometimes referred to as appraised value) MKTTOTAL TaxRoll
MarketValueUnimprovedLand Market value of unimproved portion of land MKTUNIMPLAND TaxRoll
OwnerType Type of owner (i.e. government, private, ngo) OwnerType TaxRoll
SourceParcelID Parcel ID number PARCEL_ID TaxRoll
PropertyType Description of property type: real, personal, commercial… PROP_TYPE TaxRoll
QuarterSection Quarter section where parcel is located, as provided by county QTRSECTION TaxRoll
Range Range where parecl is located, as provided by county RANGE TaxRoll
SiteAddressNumber The site address number SADDNNO TaxRoll
SiteAddressStreetFullName The full name of the site street including the prefix, the name, the suffix the type and directions SADDSTNAME TaxRoll
SiteAddressStreetPrefix The site street prefix SADDSTPREF TaxRoll
SiteAddressStreetName The site street name, the name without the type and directions SADDSTR TaxRoll
SiteAddressStreetSuffix The site street suffix, typically a direction SADDSTSUF TaxRoll
SiteAddressStreetType The site street type, such as ST, AVE, BLVD SADDSTTYP TaxRoll
SiteAddressCity The site address city name SCITY TaxRoll
Section Section where parcel is located, as provided by county SECTION TaxRoll
SiteAddressFull The full site address as a single field, the mailing address may also be broken into its component parts SITEADD TaxRoll
SourceCreationDate The date of the creation of the parcel record SRCCRTDATE TaxRoll
SourceDocumentDate The date of the source document that was used to generate the parcel information SRCDOCDATE TaxRoll
SourceDocumentReference The reference to the source document could be a reference to a map or plat or a deed SRCDOCREF TaxRoll
SourceRevisionDate The date of the last revision of the parcel record, this may be the initial create date if that is the last revision SRCREVDATE TaxRoll
SiteAddressUnitNumber The site address unit, suite or apartment number and may also be the half number SUNIT TaxRoll
TaxableValueCrop Taxable value of crop TAXCROP TaxRoll
TaxableValueImprovedLand Taxable value of improved portion of land TAXIMPLAND TaxRoll
TaxableValueImprovements Taxable value of buildings, structures, improvements TAXIMPRVTS TaxRoll
TaxableValueLand Taxable value of land TAXLAND TaxRoll
TaxableValueTimberLand Taxable value of timber land TAXTMBRLAND TaxRoll
TaxableValueTotal Total taxable value (sometimes referred to as assessed value) TAXTOTAL TaxRoll
TaxableValueUnimprovedLand Taxable value of unimproved portion of land TAXUNIMPLAND TaxRoll
TaxAccountID Tax account id number TAX_ACC_ID TaxRoll
TaxStatus Description of parcel taxable status: taxable, exempt; not consistent among counties TAX_STATUS TaxRoll
TaxCodeArea Tax Code Area as supplied by the data producer TCA TaxRoll
Township Township where parcel is located, as provided by county TOWNSHIP TaxRoll
AssessorURL Hyperlink or URL to on-line parcel information URL TaxRoll
NameRole The role of the name associated with the tax roll record NAME_ROLE TaxRollsHaveNames
RID ArcGIS many to many relate ID RID TaxRollsHaveNames


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