ACES: Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

Welcome to ACES

The Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (ACES) is a registered student organization (RSO) dedicated to improving the lives and impact of graduate students in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Washington. ACES works to provide opportunities for professional development and outreach outside of those typically encountered by Graduate students.

Some of ACES’s yearly events includes Discovery Days, a UW wide science fair, the Distinguished Young Student Seminar, an opportunity for rising researchers to share their work, and the Graduate Student Symposium, a meeting point for student researchers and industry representatives to learn about work being done. Alongside our regular events, we are continuously expanding in both outreach and professional development.

Our 2023-24 officers can be found here, and any comments, ideas, or suggestions can be sent to!

Follow ACES on twitter at @UW_ACES, along with UW Chemical Engineering at @UWChemE!