Opportunity to Collaborate – DXARTS

DXARTS students and alumni developing a live audience reality dating show

A team of DXARTS students and alumni are seeking volunteers for an upcoming video project. They are developing a live audience reality dating show- imagine “The Bachelor” meets “Unreal” meets “Candy Land” the childrens game. Experimental performance-art-reality-tv at its’ finest.

They are looking for 6 folks to help with video production. This includes camera operators, directors, production assistants, and grips. Don’t worry if you haven’t done TV before, as it’ll be a fun exercise in media making, and they will help you through the process.

The venue and date is TBD, but it’ll be on an evening around the weekend of March 25th or April 1st in Capitol Hill. The show will be around 3 hours start to finish plus setup/teardown will be approximately 3 hours. We’ll have a few skype meetings beforehand since the primary artists are based on LA.

If you’re interested, contact artist Soyoung Shin at: youngasaurus@gmail.com

This project will be part of the 2017 iteration of Yellow Fish Epic Durational Festival, organized by local art superstar Alice Gosti.

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