Bowdoin Journal of Art – Opportunity to publish undergraduate papers

There is an opportunity to publish scholarly work in the Bowdoin Journal of Art, one of the only academic art publications that uniquely feature undergraduate work in art history. At the Journal, we are looking for work that offers deep insights and unique perspectives on different traditions of art. In other words, if you have written a high quality essay of which you are proud, this is a great opportunity to publish it.

Every essay we receive will be peer reviewed and, if selected for publication, will be sent back to you to be revised prior to final publication. Once published, your work will become part of an online resource that will fuel discourse and research within the art history community.

To submit, please email with an attached file of your essay. We invite you to learn more about the submission and review process at our website:

The deadline to submit is January 14, 2018.

We are looking forward to your submissions!