Visual Arts Internship: The Prison Project

Keeping the Faith—the Prison Project ​is an integrated arts program conducted by the Pat Graney Company​ at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

Initiated in 1995, the program consists of movement, writing, American Sign Language and visual arts workshops and culminates in a performance by institution residents and for the outside community. Keeping the Faith creates a rare forum for cultural development among incarcerated women by facilitating the exploration and expression of both individual and collective identity.

Position Title: Visual Arts Intern, Keeping the Faith – the Prison Project

16 hours/week, September-November

Job Description: ​This internship provides an opportunity for emerging artists interested in interdisciplinary, performative, and community-based arts, specifically in working with incarcerated women. The intern will work alongside professional artists, gaining valuable experience while learning to activate the transformative power of the arts in oppressive spaces. Duties include, but are not limited to:

● Accompany KTF Team on twice/weekly trips to Mission Creek (2pm-9pm).

● Assist with set-up/break down of all activities.

● Support, connect with, and assist KTF participants with art and other activities.

● Be a model for positive behavior and relationships with participants and KTF team members.

● Assist with workshop transcriptions (3-5 entries per week).

● Contribute to the KTF staff carpool (At least 5 times over the 3 month period preferred). Qualifications:

● Must approach this immersive and life-changing experience with an openness to learn about prison culture and institutional limitations, as well as creativity and resourcefulness when encountering roadblocks.

● Must have strong emotional boundaries and the ability to suspend moral judgement when working with incarcerated populations.

● Must be willing to participate and support others when not in a leadership role, in keeping with the KTF teaching model.

● Must be a reliable, punctual worker.


Questions? To apply send a resume and two letters of reference to Cait Wyler, Project Coordinator:

Position open until filled. People of varying backgrounds are encouraged to apply.