One on Ones: Call for Residents (Fall 2020)

One on Ones: Call for Residents (Fall 2020)


One on Ones is a mentorship + residency program that pairs Seattle movement artists with local luminaries. The Fall 2020 Residency is co-facilitated by Emma Lawes and Nia-Amina Minor, and is hosted and co-produced by Velocity Dance Center with support from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

Geared towards movement based artists, the One on Ones Residency Program aims to create an intimate space of mentorship for artists who are interested in deepening and fine tuning their personal practice. Through a series of intimate ‘one on ones’ between participating Residents and Artist Mentors, this program supports artists by providing opportunities to workshop, discuss, criticize, rearrange, and navigate their own interests and questions within their creative practice.

Artists from all mediums are welcome to apply, so long as the moving body is an integral part of their proposed research. Applications are not limited to those who identify as dance-based artists. One on Ones is committed to seeking BIPOC, LQBTQIA+, and disabled artists to participate in both Resident and Artist Mentor roles.

Residents will apply to work with a participating Artist Mentor who will assist and guide them in their research. Once selected, Residents will be granted ten hours of rehearsal space with an Artist Mentor, a performing artist based in the Seattle area. These residencies can take place in-person at Velocity Dance Center (with respect to Velocity’s safety procedures) or virtually. The residency will culminate in a zine that includes written documentation from Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, photo and video by Devin Muñoz, and design by Hilary Painter. Residents and Artist Mentors are welcome to contribute to this zine as much or as little as they desire, manifesting as writing, drawings, a list of resources, etc. The zine will live in both digital and physical formats.

A lottery system will be used to choose Residents and pair them with Artist Mentors corresponding to their preferences. All pairings will reflect common values of reciprocal investigation, growth, and generosity, but will differ according to each Resident’s respective curiosities and proposed research.

The Fall 2020 One on Ones Residency Program is a call for Seattle-based BIPOC artists. There are 2 openings available.


– Application Deadline is Wednesday, September 9th at 6pm PST.
– We will notify all applicants by Sunday, September 13th.
– One on Ones residency hours will occur any time from September 14th – October 10th,
according to a schedule agreed upon by Resident and Artist Mentor in accordance with Velocity
Dance Center’s space availability.
– Zine to be completed by early-mid November.

Application deadline is Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020!
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