Call To Artists: Set In Motion

CALL TO ARTISTS: Set in Motion

FALL 2020 – WINTER 2021

The Henry invites artists residing in the Pacific Northwest to participate in Set in Motion, a public art exhibition featured on King County Metro buses from December 2020 through February 2021.

The title, Set in Motion, while in part referring literally to the mobile and transitory aspect of the exhibition format, also provides a loose thematic framework for artists to consider. To set in motion, by synonym: to activate, to initiate, to get underway, to instate, to usher in, to open—there are myriad ways to interpret the phrase, and how movement might be considered in this moment.

The work of ten artists will be presented as part of Set in Motion; they will be selected both through this open call and by curatorial invitation. The Henry’s website will host the exhibition information including artwork description and artist bios.


Monday, November 2, 2020, at 11:59 PM PST


This call is open to professional artists at all stages of their careers in the Pacific Northwest. Artists may submit up to three works for consideration.


Selected artists will receive an artist honorarium of $250. All print and bus board space costs will be paid for by the Henry.


Images may be of new or existing work. Image themes and subject should be appropriate for all age groups. The minimum resolution for submitted artwork is 150 dpi. The print area of the bus board is 141 inches wide x 27 inches high; submitted artwork must fit within that size and may be cropped, with the artist’s permission.


Artists must submit their proposals via Submittable. There is no fee to apply.