Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Art History – seeks submissions

Dear Art History Students,

We are writing to inform you of the opportunity to publish your research and writing in the upcoming third issue of The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Art History. As a publication of the Columbia Department of Art History and Archeology, we work each year to gather, select, and review a set of exemplary undergraduate essays on a diverse series of topics within the field from students across the globe. Students can view our most recent Spring 2020 Issue here.

Authors may submit a version or part of a course research paper, independent study, or honors thesis. Papers are generally 10-20 pages in length, but we accept papers of any length. Each essay will be reviewed by our editorial board and, if selected for publication, returned to you with revision notes. Authors who accept our tentative offer to publish will correspond with a team of editors throughout the semester, who will offer two rounds of edits before publication in December.

Submit your paper, or find more information about the Journal, here.

The deadline to submit is Friday, October 23rd.

Of note: This year, we are especially interested in papers that touch on the transhistorical phenomenon of confinement. How are the arts affected by the medical, social, and economic crises which give rise to it? How are the arts enlisted in periods of personal or collective confinement? What aspects of confinement—restrictions on mobility, social isolation, architectural barriers—manifest in art? Authors should feel encouraged to interpret these questions broadly; they may think about past pandemics, prisons, colonial enclosures, or anything that springs to mind. We hope to devote a section of the Winter 2020 issue to this theme, but please note that we are still accepting papers on any art-historical topic.

We look forward to reading your submission,

Yasemin Aykan


Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Art History