Call for Glass Artist Lectures/Demos

Be a part of the Glass Art Society’s VIRTUAL 2021!

We invite you to share your experiences and expertise with the international glass community. We are looking for diverse and engaging proposals from artists, educators, curators, researchers, and more.

All presentations will be pre-recorded and last from 30 minutes – 45 minutes unless you are planning a demo, if so, the recorded time can be up to 2 hours. Also, note presenters should be able to give their presentation in English or have a voice-over (dubbed) presentation with captions in English.

• Demonstrations (Demos): presentations featuring demonstrations of hot, cold, flame, & neon glassmaking.
• Lecture/Demonstrations (Lecmos): presentations featuring a combination of a lecture, with pre-made materials, and a hands-on lecture. Most appropriate for kiln-forming, mold-making, etc. showcasing the steps/process of making more time-consuming pieces.
• Lectures: presentations on a range of topics from the history of glass to the exploration of a specific technique to career advancement to your personal experience in the glass community.
• Panels: presentations featuring panels of artists, experts, and educators who bring innovative & unique glass topics to the stage.
• Other (films, performances, workshops, etc.): presentations that show the diversity of the glass art community.

Make sure to reach our GAS 2021 Presentation Proposal Guidelines to learn more.

Applications Open: Monday, October 5th
Applications Close: Sunday, November 1st

Click here for more information and to apply