Tacoma Spaceworks – Accepting Applications for Artist Residency

Deadline – Feb 22nd, 2021
Eligibility – 
Artists or Artist Groups residing in Pierce County
Opportunity – 
2 residencies: each receives $1500, 4 months access to residency space (660 sq/ft storefront space), and a subsequent 5-month Woolworth window display.

Spaceworks is seeking artists or artist groups that reside in Pierce County to participate in an art residency program. This opportunity offers a street level art studio with high visibility, ongoing support from Spaceworks, and culminates with a large display opportunity in the Woolworth Windows.

Program Description
The Spaceworks Art Residency provides temporary space and support for an artist or artist group to create new work and benefit from working in a public setting. In addition, this residency culminates with an opportunity to create a large display directly across the street, in a former Woolworth department store display window. The residency space and the display window sit on adjacent corners of the intersection at 11th & Commerce in downtown Tacoma. During the residency, the creative process will be on full display, as there are large windows facing both streets. This provides a unique opportunity for the public to engage with the artist’s process. Given the recent challenges of a global pandemic, and a racial reckoning occurring throughout the US, Spaceworks sees this residency as an opportunity for community collaboration and public engagement. Applicants are highly encouraged to apply as teams, or include partnerships within the community.

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