Laboratory Residency Accepting Applications

Laboratory Residency Accepting Applications

We are an interactive new media residency in the heart of the Inland Northwest. We connect artists with resources to reimagine experience by providing time, space and stipends to realize work that goes beyond media


Spring 2021 Remote Residency

Artists are expected to spend 5-10 hours weekly on their projects. Every other week, each artist will live stream an update/studio visit between 12pm – 4pm pst for 30 min-45 min, with a 10 min ending window for Q&A. In between live streams, we will need weekly documentation for our website/social media (Photos/videos/timelapses/ etc.) by end of day every Sunday. Each artist is paid $200 per month upon acceptance.

We are looking for proposals to create remote works for interactive pieces — we are open to proposals, please see guidelines/suggestions below.

Sound art, new media/video performances, gestural and ephemeral displays, and other iterations considered.

Suggested topics include: survival, pedagogy, futurity, surveillance, decolonization, augmentation, resistance, collective care, craft, joy kinship, transformation, death of capital, etc. All self-identifying queer, trans, and non-binary artists encouraged to apply. Priority given to Black and Queer, trans people of color.

We ask that you put together a two-page document, this document should consist of the following Core Application and Project Proposal (in one document) and e-mail it to

All documents must be titled with your Firstname_lastname

Core Application (1 page)

A 2 to 3 paragraph bio, focused on what you’re interested in and passionate about artistically, your practice and what draws you to interactive art.

How long you’d like to work at the residency (1-3 months) our stipend is per month, per artist.

A link to your portfolio website and social media handle(s)

A brief summary of your work history/relevant experience

How you found out about Laboratory!

Project Proposal (1 page, extra images/drawings will not count against that)

Make sure to be as specific as possible, and within the realms of our resources as a small organization.

Deadline is March 4th, 2021

Please email with any questions.