Smithsonian Libraries 50th Anniversary Internships

Smithsonian Libraries 50th Anniversary Internships

These paid, virtual opportunities will be available for Summer 2021. Internships are eight weeks in length but may be performed part-time of full-time (see specific project details). Exact appointment dates are flexible and dependent on the student and intern supervisor’s schedules. Please note preferred appointment dates in your application.

Stipend levels are $600/week full-time or a rate of $15/hour for part-time. The application deadline is March 1, 2021.

Please be sure to select your preferred project(s) in your application and address project-relevant interests, experience, and qualifications.

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Born Digital Collections
Through this project, the intern will learn how to extract metadata from the Archives born digital holdings management system, will analysis the data to develop a risk assessment profile, develop a preservation treatment plan for a selected object type, and perform preservation on holdings from an accession. The intern will gain firsthand knowledge and experience regarding the fragile nature of born digital holdings, their management needs and preservation strategies for long-term enduring access in a cultural heritage context.

The ideal candidate for this project would be a graduate student enrolled in accredited Museum Studies, Library and Information Science, or Digital Curation program. Coursework in digital preservation/curation or experience working with digital collections preferred.

This position will be full-time, for eight weeks during the summer. Dates flexible.

Digital Curation
The digital curation intern will contribute to the creation of digital resources and exhibitions about the history of Smithsonian women in science. They will research the history of women in science at the Smithsonian and help to manage a data set regarding the 500+ Smithsonian women in science in SI records. The intern will create 15-20 biographies of Smithsonian women in science to be posted on Smithsonian Institution Archives’ website, as well as complete research about how those women are currently represented (or not) in Smithsonian collections data to help drive current reparative description efforts. The intern will use this research to draft a blog post, as well as contribute to plans for upcoming digital exhibitions about how Smithsonian women in science have fought to pursue their research.

Through this project, an intern will gain applied archival and scholarly research experience, as well as experience developing public history projects, especially digital resources and exhibitions. In addition, they will have the opportunity to research and contribute to reparative description projects to increase the discoverability of women in science in Smithsonian collections data.

The ideal candidate would be either a junior or senior undergraduate or graduate student. Excellent historical research and writing skills, a background in digital history or information science; or a background in the history of science and gender studies are desired.

This position will be full-time, for eight weeks during the summer. Ideal dates: June 14th through August 6, 2021.

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