UW Q Center seeks Digital Communications and Multimedia Specialist

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Communications and Multimedia Specialist position! This team member is responsible for handling the Q Center’s social media branding, marketing, and campaign efforts, and is a vital part of our community here at the center.
Job Duties
  • Manage, promote and contribute to the Q Center’s social media branding, marketing and campaign efforts
  • Create, adjust, and be responsive to scheduling announcements for all programs. We talked a lot about how this role involves a lot of “behind the scenes” coordination to ensure the content goes out in a timely manner
  • Support major projects such as Lavender Graduation (and Dawg Daze/orientation) promotion across multiple platforms
  • Use multimedia skills to support initiatives within the Q Center
  • Create, maintain and edit digital/social media communications content
  • Determine adequate platforms for communicating with external audiences
  • Collaborate with appropriate staff concerning information distribution
  • Work with Web Specialist and other appropriate programming staff for integrated information dissemination and troubleshooting
  • Manage and moderate daily posts, blog entries, comments and inquiries on social media where appropriate and with appropriate staff as needed
  • Develop marketing plans/strategy development including assessment of analytics for small to large scale events
  • Develop a calendar system and process as well as effective communication pathways for internal staffing, public facing persons and leadership staff
  • Contribute innovative ideas and suggestions for digital communications growth and sustainability in content and infrastructure with cost analysis
  • Work in partnership with the web specialist to ensure fidelity of communications efforts from the Q Center
  • Develop metrics and evaluation methods to determine multimedia, social media, and campaign effectiveness with online traffic and engagement with appropriate staff
  • Report outcomes to leadership in supervision
  • Broaden social media interaction and dissemination of events and information with and of other Q Centers regionally, nationally and globally as well as community partners
  • Work with other team members, when needed, to gain and share information of events, initiatives, staple and new programing
Requirements/Desired Skills

Community, Personal or Professional Social Media Skills 

  • Strong writing and editing skills with the ability to generate original content
  • Ability to create a consistent brand across platforms
  • Ability to determine what platforms work best for the needs of the Q Center
  • Basic knowledge of multimedia and social media best practices
  • Basic proficiency with non-oppressive content by transforming theory to practice
  • Ability to effective relay apology, rectify mis/information or problematic content
Public Relations 
  • Ability to develop press releases, as needed, in AP format
Multimedia Skills 
  • Ability to utilize pre-existing and burgeoning multimedia skills for program, projects, and campaigns
  • Ability to learn, implement, educate and suggest skillsets needed to best fulfill the position in a rapidly changing environment
Assistance and Accessibility 
  • Ability to ensure that all materials are accessible in nature from a dis/ability justice approach
15-19.5 hours per week, extended availability at 19.5 cap during summer if funding is available. Due to new strategic programs average work hour range varies.
Work study preferred.