Riverways is Hiring

Riverways is hiring!

Through Riverways Education Partnerships, UW undergraduates tutor, mentor and support K-12 students in Seattle schools, as well as rural and tribal communities across the state. Our project transforms the learning and inspires the growth of both UW and K-12 students, while addressing inequities in public education in Washington State.


For recently graduated students:

We’re hiring an AmeriCorps Equity in STEM Coordinator who will support Riverways’ efforts to make the sciences inclusive of all peoples and ways of knowing and to increase access to relevant, dynamic education for populations underrepresented in the science professions, as well as coordinate and recruit for STEM Alternative Spring Break.


See full position description and application here: https://expd.uw.edu/riverways/about/join-our-team/equity-in-stem-coordinator/

This is a full time 10.5 month position, September 2021 – July 2022.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM, July 9th


For current undergraduates:

We’re looking for 3 undergraduate interns to help support Riverways’ rural and tribal work with K-12 youth, specifically our Alternative Spring Break work. Interns would work approximately 5 hours a week (flexible scheduling) including 1 meeting with their supervisor per week. While these positions are unpaid, we can offer compensation in the form of General Studies Credit (and lots of free food that comes through the CELE office suite).


We are looking for interns for the following positions:

Literacy Arts Alternative Spring Break Intern

STEM Alternative Spring Break Intern

Rural and Tribal Assessment Intern


See full position descriptions and application here: https://expd.uw.edu/riverways/about/join-our-team/intern-positions/

All positions are for the entirety of the school year, Fall 2021 – Spring 2022.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM, July 9th


For any questions, please reach out to riverways@uw.edu