Call for Artwork: the Art of Water

The Art of Water – Call for Artwork Submissions

A Living Gallery Combining the Emerging Sciences and Humanities

Water runs through our stories. Color, light, shape, rhythm — the properties of water.

The Project

Knowing water. It is a commonly known fact that our planet Earth is comprised of 70% water and that the water that makes up the human body is uncannily the same percentage. It is also well known that water is defined by its composition of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H₂O) configured into three potential phases, namely liquid, solid, or gas. What is less commonly known is that there is a fourth phase of water with a molecular structure of three hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms (H₃O₂). This phase of water opens up an area of study centered on the social behavior of water.

Water is social and it socializes us. We collaborate with water. It allows us to take notice of the changing landscape on shores, the sound of rain on pavement, the hovering hummingbird, the seafaring leaf, reflections shimmering in puddles broken by the intermittent steps of rushing feet, icicles strung like lights on the edge of a roof, trees floating in a layer of fog, the curve of the kayaker’s back and the twist of the swimmer’s torso. We connect with water in a myriad of ways.

The Art of Water extends the principles guiding community science into the realm of humanities by creating a collaborative space to artistically display how we know water–all water–fresh, brackish, and salt.

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