UW FieldNotes Recruiting Editorial Board Members

Calling all UW undergraduates!
FieldNotes is recruiting editorial board members for our Autumn 2021 issue! We are an undergraduate-run journal intended to increase public awareness of environmental undergraduate research at UW and provide a platform for students to actively engage in science communication.
We publish two print and digital issues annually (Autumn and Spring quarters) featuring undergraduate research and community features, as well as photo essays to ensure multi-faceted storytelling which appeals to a broad audience. As a class, we edit research communication pieces, write our own articles and blogs, and design the journal/website. If you are interested in gaining experience in those skillsets, or if you love science communication in general, then this is the place for you.
The journal is run as a 2-credit class (CENV 401) that meets in-person once a week, time/day TBD based on enrolled students’ availability.
To register for the class, email rmfricke@uw.edu for an add code. Please feel free to reach out to us at fieldnotesjourn@gmail.com with any questions that you might have.