UW Students seek Illustrator for Children’s Book

Our mission:

We’re a team of 4 students creating a children’s picture book, Tinker Tim, for our entrepreneurship capstone. The capstone is 2 quarter series where teams create and sell real products. Our team is passionate about crafting a message for families to help encourage their kids’ natural curiosity. We’re looking for an illustrator to work with us to make this book ready for sale during the second half of spring quarter.

Job details:

  • Start date: ASAP

  • Duration: through the end of spring quarter

  • Compensation/rate-of-pay: negotiable

    • It is important to us to offer fair financial compensation for services. Given how important finances are to creating a new product, we are also interested in discussing tailored packages, including other forms of compensation.

  • Responsibilities: create at least 16 panel illustrations (16-24 estimated)

    • Since illustrations and writing go hand in hand, we’re looking to work closely with you to iterate on the story. Ideally, we’re looking for someone who resonates with our message and is interested in becoming a part of the team.

  • Application process:

    • If this interests you, please reach out to Darren Huang via email (dh475@uw.edu). We’re happy to share more information and discuss a potential partnership + compensation.

    • Art style: We’re currently envisioning a simple/cartoon style with a sparse background. A few rough sketches are attached 🙂

    • We’d also love to see any previous work–please feel free to send it our way!

Story Background:

Tim is a bear who loves to tinker. Tim makes trucks and planes for his friends, drawings for his mom, and toys for his baby brother, but Tim’s dad doesn’t seem to get it. He pushes Tim to do something productive instead, like learning how to type or practicing an instrument. There is a disagreement between Tim’s parents, but at the end of the day, Tim’s dad comes around to encourage Tim’s natural curiosity.

For our team, as kids, we’ve experienced the stereotypical pressure to focus on productive skills. Our idea is to not just create an entertaining story with a message (as most children’s picture books do), but also include something that can resonate with parents.

Feedback – Survey

The team is also looking for survey feedback to inform their project – fill out the linked digital survey to help!



Darren Huang (and Kenny Ma, Alex LaFleur, and Aroosh Kumar)