UW RSO Pup Support – Live Art Event – Call for Work!

Pup Support has partnered with Grooving for Good, NAMI Seattle (The National Alliance on Mental Illness), and SPIN to help create an immersive, colorful experience that makes a safe space for us to explore our mental health, but more importantly, to amplify positivity and improve our mental wellbeing.

Event Details: Thursday, May 19th 2022 –> HUB Lyceum (3:00PM – 8:00PM)

The Dahlia Experience will be photographed and live-streamed to a national audience.

This is your chance to share your story, based on one of the four prompts (Hope, Resilience, Empowerment, Support!

  • Hope: The belief that positive change is possible. What gives you hope?

  • Resilience: the process of finding healthy ways to adapt and cope with adversity and distress. The ability to overcome. What allows you to be resilient?

  • Empowerment: Becoming stronger, more confident – strength in your mental health journey. What gives you the power to be your own advocate? What gives you strength?

  • Support: What does support of your mental well-being look like to you? Support can be family, friends, your school, treatment team, or your pet – what supports you?


We are accepting:

– One digital art installation (6×6 foot space)

– One first artist/collection (6×6 foot space)

– Three Poets (5 minutes read time max)

– Three Music Acts (IE – Vocalist, Guitar, Hand Drums, Keyboard)* (Note, we will not be accepting submissions for full bands due to set up/tear down time) (Maximum performance time 5 minutes)

– Three Dance Acts (5 minutes max per performance)

–  One Student DJ (30-minute mix)

Creator Submission Form: https://forms.gle/i7oVs7mvndmgsM2Z8

Important Dates:

[4/04/2022] Application open

[4/20/2022] Application closes

[4/27 – 4/29] Results Announced