TAF seeks Maker Space Specialist

Technology Access Foundation Hiring Maker Space Specialist

The Technology Access Foundation (TAF) is a Seattle-based nonprofit leader redefining K-12 public education throughout Washington State for all students and teachers, particularly those who identify as a person of color and are from traditionally underserved communities.

Position Overview

The Maker Space Specialist reports directly to the TAF Educational Director of Technology and works closely with TAF staff, students and faculty. The role is multifaceted involving both Maker skills and lesson planning and instruction. Works in partnership with teacher of record in classroom.  Maintains and plans improvement for Maker Space.

The Director of Technology will evaluate the performance of the Maker Specialists on an annual basis. The Maker Space Specialist coordinates “Making” within the Maker Space. The Specialist will implement a learning framework that prompts a student to manipulate various tools, media and materials both in guided and free creation

Instructional Objectives

  • Construct a scope and sequence of Making that advances higher order thinking
  • Guide and celebrate the creative process without defining or limiting the child’s work
  • Stretch the learning potential with open-ended cues and questions
  • Gather and organize data regarding attendance and effectiveness of programs

Maker Equipment

  • Troubleshoot and repair Maker equipment
  • Develop and maintain a materials list which follows grant guidelines and anticipates needs in a timely manner
  • Instructs faculty and students on safe use of tools
  • Documents and maintains inventory and service records
  • Utilize and instruct on 3D printers and Lazer Cutters and other craft equipment such as sewing machines

Integrates Maker into PBL

  • Partners with teachers on how to add maker and engineering into PBL Projects and daily curriculum
  • Model the language of learning and the critical thinking process intrinsic to the creative process
  • Supports teachers in the use of panels and document cameras
  • Research, develop and prototype innovative maker activities and maintain all Maker Space materials,
  • Demonstrate and share technical know-how
  • Tools and equipment including hardware and software
  • Sketchup, Tinkercad
  • Inkscape
  • Assist teachers and students in understanding how to use software
  • Install new software as needed
  • Other software as determined by the Maker Space Specialist

Lifelong Learner

  • Ability to collaborate with team members and external colleagues
  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Demonstrates deep reflection both verbally and in written form


  • Ability to represent underserved children of color for higher education and professional success.
  • Developing written and verbal communication skills, and ability to present to diverse audiences.
  • Openness to participate in racial equity work to recognize personal bias and improve performance through a racial equity lens
  • Ability to work well with limited supervision; independent problem-solving skills and ability to coordinate several projects at the same time
  • Possess strong Interpersonal skills; having the ability to build positive relationships and maintain a good rapport with individuals and families
  • Familiarity with working in diverse and multicultural and bilingual environments.
  • Pass all required criminal and child abuse background checks
  • Possess a valid Washington State Driver’s license
  • Have personal transportation

Education& Experiences

  • Experience with additive and subtractive processes
  • Experience with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi
  • Must have demonstrated independent work experience
  • History of positive evaluations
  • Documented experience and education in computing
  • Is flexible and adaptable to the changes that will occur in the position
  • Is organized, honest, and works well with others
  • Microsoft or Mac are both used

Language Skills

Fluency in languages other than English is a plus.


  • 100% Healthcare
  • Individual Retirement Account
  • Paid Sick Leave

To apply, please fill out the online application here