UW Treasury seeks Student Designer for Board Presentation


Each year the University’s Treasury team presents the state of the Internal Lending Program to the Board of Regents. Here is last year’s presentation – slide 10 shows the same thing we’re looking to create. We are seeking help to create a visual graphic, far better than the one in the appendix below, to help communicate how external debt and internal loans create and maintain operating sufficiency of the University’s Internal Lending Program. The idea of the diagram would be a “Bathtub” – depicting money coming in, and money going out, and if the funds are controlled at the facets and at the drain, a sufficient level of funds, or water, could be maintained.

I would be happy to meet with any students interested in this project and talk more about what we’re looking for and/or how the presentation is used. We are looking to have something completed by March 31st. There is no explicit guarantee that the visual design would be used but we would run it through all of our reviews and give credit where it is used. Please feel free to send any questions to chadcook@uw.edu.

Thank you for you interest in supporting UW Treasury!

Chad Cook