UW RSO: MESH 2024 Fashion Show

Welcome to the MESH 2024 Fashion Show: NEOMORPHOSIS! Join us at the Intellectual House this Saturday May 11th from 2-5PM for a glimpse into Seattle’s blossoming fashion scene through a magnetic display of collections from 22 young designers bringing to life a unique series of visions.

NEOMORPHOSIS means change and renewal. This show is a celebration of how life, like fashion, is cyclical and ever-evolving. The theme for the show is not officially connected to the themes of the collections you will see, but many of our designers this year have conceptualized works that do play with NEOMORPHOSIS’s core ideas.

Mesh strives to be both an inclusive and accessible space. If you would like financial assistance to attend this event, please contact us directly at @mesh.uw on Instagram. For all questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us via email (meshatuw@gmail.com), DM us on Instagram (@mesh.uw), or message us on Discord.