Principal Investigator







Sawyer Buckminster Fuller

Ph.D. Students

Johannes James
Power systems,
Mechatronics for flight control,
Flight Electronics.
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Daksh Dhingra
Optimal control of flying insect robots
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Yash Talwekar
Sensor Autonomy
Wireless Communication

Zhitao Yu
Visual flight control

Kyle Johnson
Origami inspired small-scale robots
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Vicente Arroyos
Computing for sustainability
Low-power electronics
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Alyssa Giedd
Quadcopter weighing < 2 grams


Aaron Weber
Optimal Control of Microrobots


Master's Students

Undergraduate Students

Ryan O'Hara
Automatic magnetic folding of origami robots






  • Avinash Singh (Fresh Consulting) (MS, 2018) [Thesis]
  • Sivakumar Balasubramanian (Samsung Research America) (MS, 2019) [Thesis]
  • Hari Krishna Hari Prasad (Currently a Ph.D. student at CU Boulder) (MS, 2020) [Thesis]
  • Nishant Elkunchwar (Monarch Tractors) (MS, 2021) [Thesis]
  • Suvesha Chandrasekaran (Amazon Robotics) (MS, 2022) [Thesis]



  • Yicheng Hu (BS ME 20--)
  • Elma Dedic (BS ME 2020) [Paper]
  • Cat Hannahs (BS AA 20--)
  • Maxx Yamasaki
  • Andrew Adie (BS ME 2020)