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AMTAS Partners in the News

The Boeing Company

Employees complete composite certificate program
Boeing News Now—Commercial Airplanes, 11/28/05

Boeing 787: Build globally, assemble locally
The Seattle Times, 9/11/05

Boeing 787: Parts from around world will be swiftly integrated
The Seattle Times, 9/11/05

Boeing unveils 787's sleek "lines"
The Seattle Times, 6/13/05

Boeing passes big test in 7E7's new production methods
The Seattle Times, 1/12/05

Boeing unveils key new technology for the Dreamliner
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/12/05

Edmonds Community College

Grant will help train workers for 7E7
The Seattle Times, 11/6/04

Janicki Industries

Janicki's innovative molds change engineering of superyachts, jets
The Seattle Times, 12/17/06

Northwest Composites

Marysville firm snares 787 work
The Seattle Times, 4/7/05

Triumph Composite Systems

Ex-Boeing factory in Spokane wins A380 contract
The Seattle Times, 1/14/05

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