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Program Overview

Program Goal: Our flexible 2-year, in-residence program provides students with the foundational knowledge, skills, and experience to enrich their careers and broaden their competency in bioethics.  The program offers training in research and clinical aspects of bioethics as well as empirical and normative methods of analysis.  Students have the opportunity to study with diverse and well-respected faculty from the University of Washington, the Treuman Katz Pediatric Bioethics Center, and the Seattle Veteran’s Health Administration.  The program helps prepare students to teach, publish, and conduct research that incorporates bioethical analysis.

Application Process: Qualified candidates include:

  1. Practicing clinicians, biomedical scientists, health lawyers, post-doctoral fellows, physicians accepted into a University of Washington Clinical Fellowship Program or the Treuman Katz Pediatric Bioethics Fellowship Program, or
  2. Students currently enrolled in professional degree programs at the University of Washington (i.e. Law, Nursing, Social Work or Medicine).

Opportunities for in-depth study on a topic of interest are available through elective courses, mentored research, and practicum experiences.

Candidates should possess strong writing, critical thinking and verbal communication skills. GRE scores are not required.

Application Due Date: January 15th. Click here to begin the application process. Select Bioethics and Humanities Program.

Course Requirements: Completion of the MA in Bioethics requires a minimum of 40 credits:

  1. ethical theory (10 credits)
  2. empirical research methods (6 credits)
  3. clinical ethics (6 credits)
  4. research ethics (3 credits)
  5. approved elective courses (6 credits)
  6. practicum (3 credits)
  7. masters’ project (6 credits) 

Students are encouraged to take additional electives based on interest and area of specialty, with guidance from their faculty mentor(s).

Additional requirements: lead 2 BRI discussion groups


Tuition is set at Graduate Tier II level and more info can be found at this link:

Tuition exemption information can be found at this link:

The Graduate School website has great resource information for applying and funding/scholarship opportunities:

If you are contemplating applying to our program, we encourage you to obtain GNM status and register for a course. Please contact one of the program directors for assitance with your decision. If you decide to apply, GNM credits may be transferred in for the degree. Courses taken without the GNM status are not eligible to be transferred in for the degree. If you dedide not to apply, we're confident that you'll find the courses beneficial and we welcome diversity to the discussions. Once the status of a GNM student is changed to regular graduate status, all courses suitable for the program taken as a GNM student (no more than 12 credits) will be credited toward the degree.

UW Timeschedule can be found by clicking here.

Contact Information:

Nancy S. Jecker, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies
Email:                 Phone: 206.616.1865

Margaret Mitchell, Graduate Program Advisor
Email:              Phone: 206.221.6548

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