Primary Investigator

Cynthia Levine (she/her) is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Princeton University and her Ph.D. in social psychology from Stanford University. She also completed postdoctoral training in health psychology at Northwestern University. Dr. Levine’s research focuses on how the sociocultural context shapes health and well-being.  Outside of the lab, she enjoys cooking, running, drinking good coffee, and exploring Seattle.

Graduate Students

Doris Dai is a graduate student working with Dr. Stephanie Fryberg and Dr. Cynthia Levine.  

Kim Bourne (she/her/hers) is a 4th year Ph.D. student in the social area. She received her BA in Psychology and Spanish from Colby College in 2016. After graduation she took a year-long lab manager position in the West Interpersonal Lab at New York University, directed by Tessa West, Ph.D. She then spent two years working as a lab manager for the Davidson Intergroup Studies Lab at Davidson College, directed by Jessica Good, Ph.D.  Her research interests are broadly centered around the social, behavioral and health implications of diversity and inequality for both advantaged and disadvantaged groups. Outside of the lab she enjoys running, skiing, cooking, and exploring Seattle and the greater Seattle area.

Rachel Song (she/her) is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in social psychology. Her current research looks at how social institutions talk about diversity, and how race and social class shape the way that people construct and experience their neighborhoods. She is particularly interested in taking a cultural psychology approach to mobilize collective action and alleviate disparities in housing and health. Prior to starting grad school, she was a lab manager at Stanford SPARQ and received her BA from Pomona College.

Annie Xiyang Xu (She/Her/Hers) graduated from Vassar College in 2022 with a BA in Psychology. Her past research experience focused on cultural differences in memories and self-narratives and how they affect mental and physical well-being in stressful times. She is passionate about international student mental health as well as their identity integration, transformation and negotiation. She hopes to investigate international students’ experience through a more agentic lens and appreciate the strength cultivated while navigating a new environment. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, crocheting, taking long walks and admiring the farmer’s market scene in Seattle. She took up ukulele in the summer of 2022 and will hopefully play her way to mastery in no time. 

Lab Managers

Katherine Weltzien (she/her/hers) graduated from the University of California–Davis in 2022 with a BA in Psychology. She is interested in the processes of friendship formation and maintenance, as well as the mental and physical health benefits of supportive friendships. In addition to research, Katherine loves baking, walks, and her library card.

Research Assistants

Aisha Graham

Alice Chen

Alana Yudha-Wright

Annette Ray

Christina Lao

Dajae Kitchen

Graycelin Hare

Jiayi Huang

Lili Samii

Naya Lam

Noreen Hu

Ryanne Buchanan

Sophie Kim

Staff and Graduate Student Alumni

Oliver Yan (he/him) graduated from University of Washington in 2020 with a BS in psychology. He is interested in how masculine defaults would influence people’s performance in workplaces and schools. Oliver plans to attend NYU and obtain a Master degree in social psychology. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing board games, drinking boba, and spending time with friends.

Undergraduate RA and Honor’s Student Alumni

Cheryl Tan

Simran Dosanjh

Lily He

Tianque Gao

Jasmine Lee

Liza Moore

Helen Chang

Kat Ramus

Ardini Batrisyia

Morgan Bryson

Bella Liu

Vy Nguyen

Emily White

Amy Kawatani

Emma Mirhashemi

Emma Leppo

Hannah Murray

Quinn Russell