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Sometimes I feel badly about my travels

Amsterdam thoughts starting to unravel

My photos are blurry, so what remains?

Souvenirs. Are material possessions vain?

Upon a chain, bouncing against my breast

Happily, this is her knowledge of nest.

In the clever chic cage, sitting on a swing,

You won’t ever hear this blue bird sing.

Truly never free, she was not caught,

Because, this bird was store bought.

Her lovely shape formed inside a prison,

Amazing! The Dutch and their 3D printing.

Wearing blue bird, people ask questions.

Listen future travelers this is my suggestion:

Buy what you love, be it trivial or small,

When asked, briefly, share thoughts with all.

Keeping souvenirs, from afar, near at hand

Can give life to memories, and stop the sand

Stories and treasures, together, trump photos.

And too-long anything is sure to be vetoed.

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