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Sometimes I feel badly about my travels Amsterdam thoughts starting to unravel My photos are blurry, so what remains? Souvenirs. Are material possessions vain? Upon a chain, bouncing against my breast Happily, this is her knowledge of nest. In the clever chic cage, sitting on a swing, You won’t ever hear this blue bird sing. […]

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Dutch Suits

Suits are powerful, handsome, tall Shortsighted, lovely blue eyes and all Suits are smart, educated, some are fit Insincere, effusive, cordial, bullshits Suits are lovers, doers, delegators Coldhearted, white toothed alligators Suits are manipulative, elegant, sharp Showy, feeding, over-indulged carp Suits are movers, tough dealmakers Aggressive, elite, competent, takers. Suits are managers, Caucasian, Dutch, Men, […]

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Drifting I was losing interest, quickly, on my drift for our class project. Leaving the greenery of Westerpark, and the gravel walkway along the small canal for the busy residential/commercial street seemed like a wrong turn to me. Yet, as I stood on the sidewalk taking photos of a decorative flag, parked bicycles, and a […]

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