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Man Alone

Artist’s Statement:
Over the course of my two-month study abroad trip in Iceland, the themes of becoming and isolation presented themselves repeatedly in our readings and in my first-hand experiences. I considered exploring many other themes in my final project, like time, human and animal relations or politics. But I couldn’t shake the impact that becoming and isolation had played in my journey, and in the ever-changing identity of Iceland. The theme of Isolation resonated with me quite strongly through the readings and in my observations of rural Iceland and mirrored my own feelings of isolation from my family and my everyday life. Regardless of my fellow classmates’ individual background or home lives, we have all undergone our own unique process of becoming through our isolation in a foreign land.

After countless hours of reflection, I decided the perfect delivery method for my experience in Iceland was through a poetic medium. Using photography was my initial plan, but I soon discovered that my journalistic tendencies and training restricted my ability to represent ideas subtly. While this was an obstacle that could have been overcome, I found myself losing interest in my final project that is, until I decided to try my hand at shooting a short film. Though this was my first attempt at writing a screenplay, shooting, and editing film, I felt this trip was a perfect opportunity to try something new and creative.

The inspiration for the screenplay came from a single scene about an awkward interaction between a student and a farmer. This scene failed to make it into the final cut, but its dry humor, timing, and aesthetic left their impression on the rest of the film.

While viewers may not share the main character’s particular circumstance, the central themes that this film approaches are relatable to anyone.

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