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Man Alone

Artist’s Statement: Over the course of my two-month study abroad trip in Iceland, the themes of becoming and isolation presented themselves repeatedly in our readings and in my first-hand experiences. I considered exploring many other themes in my final project, like time, human and animal relations or politics. But I couldn’t shake the impact that […]

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On the Way to the Volcano

“You’re nowhere near the volcano,” the heavily accented voice said through a half-rolled passenger window. “Would you like a ride there?” We had been hiking for the past hour in search of the trailhead to the volcano overlooking Vestmannaeyjar, but had mistakenly wandered into the city dump. The proposition seemed like a good idea at […]

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Without Predators

I’m convinced god made Iceland for horses and sheep They belong to the land, lay in its bosom with plenty to eat We are the visitors, not them I’ve never seen as many of them relaxing as I have here today Life must be easier when you have no natural predators I can’t imagine what […]

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