Baby Steps

We are interested in designing technology to help detect, record, and track important developmental milestones that occur in children during their first 5 years of life. By tracking these milestones, we can help parents and healthcare providers detect developmental delays such as autism or deafness earlier, which can improve the effects of interventions. We have developed design guidelines for developing technology to support new parents in record-keeping and implementing novel technologies to support better record-keeping and decision-making about developmental progress.

We have designed and evaluated two systems called Baby Steps and KidCam, which were aimed to meet the record-keeping needs of new parents. We are currently in the process of developing a web portal with subsequent text messaging, Twitter, and Facebook links to help make tracking more engaging and motivating. Work related to Baby Steps has been published at CHI 2009, Pervasive 2009, IHI 2010, PUC 2012, CHI 2014, and AMIA 2016. Baby Steps is funded by the National Science Foundation.

We are currently enrolling families for our ongoing evaluation study of Baby Steps. If you have a child between the ages of 5 months and 9 months, please complete a screener survey here to determine if you are eligible.

Baby Steps overview Baby Steps text messaging

Screen shot of timeline from Baby Steps web portal Baby Steps Twitter


Julie Kientz
Hyewon Suh
John Porter
Alexis Hiniker


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