SmartQuit is a smartphone-based intervention for helping people to quit smoking based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The app delivers mindfulness exercises and a coaching program to help smokers develop skills to let urges to smoke pass. In a pilot randomized controlled trial, people who used SmartQuit were more likely to be successful in quitting smoking than when using a comparable, non-ACT-based app. The SmartQuit project is led Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute and is funded by the Hartwell Innovation Fund and the National Institutes of Health. It is being commercialized by 2Morrow Mobile.

Screen shots of SmartQuit showing urges passed button and Anytime Coaching


Jonathan Bricker
Jaimee Heffner
Kristin Mull
Julie Kientz
Roger Vilardaga
Laina Mercer
Katrina Akioka


You can learn more about how to download SmartQuit on 2Morrow Mobile’s website.


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