Principal Investigator

Daniel Chiu

Dr. Daniel Chiu

Daniel T. Chiu is the A. Bruce Montgomery Professor of Chemistry, Endowed Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He obtained a B.A. in Neurobiology and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993, then a Ph.D in Chemistry from Stanford University in 1998. After completing postdoctoral research at Harvard University, he started in the Fall of 2000 as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Washington. He moved through the ranks from Assistant Professor, to Associate Professor, then to Professor in 2006. He is currently a member of the Center for Nanotechnology and the Neurobiology and Behavior Program at the University of Washington, as well as a member of the Cancer Consortium at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Professor Chiu's Departmental Profile

Research Group Members

Haobin ChenHaobin Chen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Lei ChenLei Chen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Zhaoyang DingZhaoyang Ding (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Bryant FujimotoBryant Fujimoto (Senior Research Scientist)
Qiongzheng HuQiongzheng Hu (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yifei JiangYifei Jiang (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Eleanor JohnsonEleanor Johnson (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Seung Ryoung JungSeung Ryoung Jung (Senior Research Scientist)
Jason KreutzJason Kreutz (Senior Research Scientist)
Chun-Ting KuoChun-Ting Kuo (Senior Research Scientist)
Yu RongYu Rong (Senior Research Scientist)
Thomas SchneiderThomas Schneider (Senior Research Scientist)
Jingang WangJingang Wang (Senior Research Scientist)
I-Che WuI-Che Wu (Senior Research Scientist)
Shihan XuShihan Xu (Ph.D Student)
Gloria YenGloria Yen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Jiangbo YuJiangbo Yu (Senior Research Scientist)
Jicheng ZhangJicheng Zhang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Group Alumni

Minju Lee (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Xing-Hua Zhou (Senior Research Scientist)
Yuling Qin (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Luca Andronico (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Li Wu (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Jiasi Wang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Arinori Inagawa (Visiting Scientist)
Bharat Dhital (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Jingyu Shen (Ph.D Student)
Alison (Herrick) Thompson (Ph.D. Student)
Rui Han (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Steven Wu (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Tengyue Jian (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Robbyn Anand (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Richard Cai (Ph.D Student)
Bejan Hakimi (Ph.D. Student)
Sarah Hayden (Ph.D. Student)
Hongshang Peng (Visiting Professor)
Wei Sun (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Fangmao Ye (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yong Zhang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yue Zhang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Mengxia Zhao (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Xuanjun Zhang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Mengxia Zhao (Ph.D. Student)
Max Zeigler (Ph.D. Student)
Changfeng Wu (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Meng Wang (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Allyson Sgro (Ph.D. Student)
Polina Smith (Ph.D. Student)
Wei Sun (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Perry Schiro (Ph.D. Student)
Robert Lorenz (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Dingsheng Liu (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yuhui Jin (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Bingchuan Wei (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Jennifer Gadd (Ph.D. Student)
Alex Gansen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Bejan Hakimi (Ph.D. Student)
Sarah Hayden (Ph.D. Student)
Daniel Burnham (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Xudong Chen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yang-Hsiang Chan (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Kristi Budzinski (Ph.D. Student)
Jason Kuo (Senior Scientist)
Kady Dendramis (Ph.D. Student)
Johan Hurtig (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
J. Scott Edgar (Ph.D. Student)
Dawn Cohen (Ph.D. Student)
Chongqi Shou (Visiting Professor)
Gavin Jefferies (Ph.D. Student)
Peter Allen (Ph.D. Student)
Graham Milne (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Lai Ying Ng (Ph.D. Student)
Sarah Mutch (Ph.D. Student)
David McGloin (Visiting Professor)
Yongxi Zhao (Visiting Scientist)
David Lim (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Yiqiong Zhao (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Moonbin Yim (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Mingyan He (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Gina Fiorini (Ph.D. Student)
Bryan Vasser (Ph.D. Student)
Richard Allen (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Chris Kuyper (Ph.D. Student)
Brian Morlan (Ph.D. Student)
Patrick Shelby (Ph.D. Student)
Bingyun Sun (Ph.D. Student)
Chenhang Sun (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Indalesio Rodriguez (Post-Doctoral Researcher)