As we reported last month, our accepted paper “The Imposition and Superimposition of Digital Reading Technology: The Academic Potential of E-readers” won an Honorable Mention award at CHI 2011.  On Monday, we issued a press release through the UW that described the highlights of our research.

Happily, that press release was picked up by a number of other folks that very same day:

Tuesday saw a few more digested articles and some robot aggregation sites got in on the action too:

EDIT: Wednesday also brought a few more international articles:

EDIT #2: After Brier Dudley’s article in The Seattle Times had been published for a day or two, it really went national and international…which is nice because it actually mentions Charlotte and I (Alex) by name.  I mean, the Modesto Bee picked it up!  Now that’s cool.

EDIT #3: A few more sites picked up the story in a more meaningful way:

EDIT #4: MSN France picked up the press release and wrote a story about it!  Very cool.

We’ll see what the coming days bring in terms of attention leading up to the big CHI presentation on Thursday, May 12.  It’ll be an exciting conference!

FINAL EDIT: Things have tapered off a bit, although some outlets are still writing stories on our work…and Nick Carr had this terrific blog post that’s the best digested read of our study yet (by a huge margin). There should be a major story next Monday (5/16) if things go well!