The Director of CSC Lab, Charlotte P. Lee, today gave the keynote lecture for the Tahoma School District 10Tech Conference. The conference is held every summer and provides a venue for teachers to learn and refine their skills with various technologies, including collaborative technologies, in the classroom. Lee’s talk entitled “”How People Are Changing Technology and Finding New Ways to Collaborate” described the research field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and a few different CSC Lab research projects ranging from previous work on the information ecologies of rubber duck collectors to more recent projects looking at the development and use of scientific databases and middleware software.

During the Question and Answer period after the talk, Lee and Tahoma teachers talked about the dynamic relationship between the creation of collaborative processes, the negotiation of the division of labor, and the use of collaborative technologies. Lee said, “The experience was a good reminder to me of the common challenges for learning about, teaching, and using collaborative technologies no matter whether ones peers are 8th graders or a distinguished scientists.”

Tahoma’s Instructional Technology Coach Kimberly Allison invited Lee to the be the keynote speaker after learning about the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering and the work of Lee in particular after clicking on an advertisement for HCDE while in Google’s gmail.