CSCW has the following publications in press. Also coming up in late June are presentations a the Human Computer Interaction Consortium workshop in California (Lee and Bietz)  and the Science of Team Science conference (Rolland and Lee) in Illinois. Congratulations to all!

Journal of CSCW

“Supporting Scientific Collaboration: Methods, Tools, and Concepts”

Marina Jirotka, Charlotte P. Lee, Gary M. Olson

This paper discusses the interrelationship between e-Science and CSCW in terms of key substantive, methodological and conceptual innovations made in both fields. In so doing, we hope to draw out the existing relationship between CSCW and e-Science research, and to map out some key future challenges where the two areas of research may become more closely aligned. In considering what may be required to draw the two more closely together, the paper focuses primarily on investigations that have been undertaken in two dedicated initiatives into e-Science, along with the key issues emerging from these studies.

CHI 2013 Proceedings

“Challenges and Opportunities for Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms”

Katie Kuksenok, Michael Brooks, Qian (Jessie) Wang, Charlotte P. Lee

Honorable Mention in the Best Paper Competition

We present the results of a two-month ethnographic study of three introductory Russian classrooms. Through observation and interviews, we identify several distinct roles played by physical objects, or artifacts, in the classrooms. They provide a reference to necessary foreign-language material, serve as props in creative role-play, and more. The range of roles taken by artifacts and the attitudes students have toward them provide the basis for discussing how technology might be more effectively introduced into the socially negotiated environment of the introductory classroom. We identify the need to balance between collaborative and personal technology in a stressful, but social, context. Our findings inform a range of roles that technology can undertake in replacing or augmenting existing classroom artifacts.