Periodically the UW Design Division conducts a survey of our alumni from the programs of Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design, and Interaction Design. The 2014–2017 survey of B.Design alumni from Interaction Design was conducted online and received a 93% response rate (79 out of 85 graduates). If we were unable to contact you, please get in touch—we would love to include your data.

UW IxD Student Statistics

Class Size

Over the past seven years, the average size of the graduating class in IxD has been 18 students. Grey bars indicate student attrition.

Gender Ratios

Over the past seven years, the IxD program has been 59% female and 41% male.

Average Age at Graduation

The average age of IxD students at graduation is 24. This average has trended downward as more native freshmen are recruited into design.

UW IxD Alumni Statistics

Initial Employment
After Graduation

Immediately after graduation, most IxD graduates (68%) have a full-time design employment. Another 10% work at a design internship.

Time Until Initial Employment

The majority of IxD alumni (58%) find employment within one month after graduation; 41% of all students secured employment during their senior year, before graduation.

Design Internships

On average, 66% of IxD juniors had a design internship during the summer quarter or the academic year.

Current Alumni Employment

Of 79 IxD alumni surveyed, 87% (69) are currently employed in the field of design (one is unemployed/travelling abroad, three are employed in non-design fields, and six could not be contacted).

Employment Types

Design employment occurs in corporations (66%), design/ advertising/ marketing consultancies (10%), self-employment/ freelance (8%), and nonprofit organizations (4%).

IxD Employers

The following corporations/organizations employed 2014–2017 IxD graduates:

Amazon (Seattle, WA)
Amazon Music (San Francisco, CA)
Ancestry (San Francisco, CA)
Convoy Inc. (Seattle, WA)
CREW (San Francisco, CA)
Dropbox (San Francisco, CA)
Epic Games (Madison, WI)
Even (San Francisco, CA)
Facebook (Seattle, WA)
Google (San Francisco, CA)
Hopthru (San Francisco, CA)
Indeed.com (Seattle, WA)
Ingtube (Hangzhou City, China)
Liferay, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
Livongo (San Francisco, CA)
Loblaw Digital (Toronto, Canada)
Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
Pana (Denver, CO)
PeopleMaven (Seattle, WA)
Pinterest (Seattle, WA)
Plectica (New York, NY)
SuccessHub (Bellevue, WA)
Tradegecko (Singapore, China)
Transparent Path (Seattle, WA)
Uber (Seattle, WA)
Xerox Parc (Palo Alto, CA)
YieldStreet (New York, NY)
Zipwhip (Kent, WA)
Zillow (Seattle, WA)

Axon (Seattle, WA)
HTC Vive (Seattle, WA)
Nike (Seattle, WA)
Nordstrom (Seattle, WA)
Stryker (Redmond, WA)

Artefact (Seattle, WA)
Blink (Seattle, WA)
Catch Digital (London, England)
Cognition Studio (Seattle, WA)
Frog (New York, NY)
IDEO (San Francisco, CA)
Invisible Studio (Hong Kong)
Kamp Grizzly (Portland, OR)
Pilot Lab (Seattle, WA)
RMB Vivid (Los Angeles, CA)
Tactile (Seattle, WA)

ArtCenter College of Design (Pasadena, CA)
Seattle Public Schools (Seattle, WA)
Selma City Schools (Selma, AL)
Ventures (Seattle, WA)

Bleacher Report (San Francisco, CA)

Location Before and After Graduation

The majority (80% = 63/79) of IxD students are from Washington state. After graduation, approximately half of all alumni (55% = 42/77) remain in Washington, with 51% staying in Seattle. The largest groups of out-of-state alumni are in California (26%, primarily in San Francisco and Los Angeles), and New York City (5%).